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Pescado en Salsa Verde

Trying to stick to fish every Friday during Lent comes easy at first, but my resolve wears thin with each passing week. Forgoing the usual salmon or seared tuna, I decided to make pescado en salsa verde — buttery white fish fillets drenched in parsley sauce then baked with slices of potatoes.  A staple in our Cuban house growing up, I asked my mother for her recipe.

I found that using half as much olive oil and vino seco as her recipe was more than enough, but cooking the potatoes without overdoing the fish was tricky. Starting them in the oven earlier, I used that time to pull the sauce together. Smothered in sweet onions, there was just enough garlicky salsa verde to warrant a second dip of crusty bread.

March is about looking forward to spring, but sometimes a quick look back lets you see something you may have missed.

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How to Make Salvadorian Pupusas

Pupusa Salvadorian Pupusas

In an ever changing landscape of artisanal pickles, homemade ricotta and lobster rolls, Salvadorean pupusas rise above the competition to become the most popular item in Brooklyn’s ballfields and summer markets, season after season. The lightly charred and tender corn masa patties just barely contain the hot melted cheese, creamy refried beans, seasoned shredded pork or woody loroco that oozes from its center with every bite.

This weekend, I headed to Fort Greene’s Brooklyn Flea to learn directly from Cesar Fuentes of Solber Pupusas how to reproduce their corn masa patties at home. Simple to do, but hard to do well, it takes some practice to get these snacks just right.

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