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Sifted: Memorial Day Weekend Recipes

All-American Cheeseburger by Neighbor Food

5 Hot Links We’re Loving:

  1. Neighbor Food’s All-American bacon cheeseburger is the perfect recipe for Memorial Day.
  2. Calling all snickerdoodle lovers: Shugary Sweets’ cookie dough truffles are just for you.
  3. This Tuscaloosa Tollhouse pie is a cross between a chocolate chip cookie and pecan pie. Check out Laura’s Sweet Spot for the recipe.
  4. We’re drooling over Dine & Dash’s asparagus pizza topped with bechamel sauce and a runny egg.
  5. Willow Bird Baking lightens up lobster rolls and serves the filling atop a bed of greens. Don’t worry, the garlicky croutons add just the right amount of buttery indulgence.

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Road Trip: Lobster Rolls

Luke's Lobster Roll Combo

Inspired (and envious) of Roberto’s lobster roll claw-off, where he tasted 18 of the country’s top lobster rolls, I decided to do a taste test of my own. Would Luke’s Lobster be the winner for this lobster lover as well? While I wasn’t able to drive to 18 eateries, I did hit up four of what are considered to be the best lobster roll establishments within a 120 mile drive of NYC: Luke’s Lobster, Red Hook Lobster Pound, Lobster Landing and Abbott’s Lobsters. And what better way to do a tasting comparison than jam pack it all into one incredible road trip? One (rainy) Sunday, two states and a whole heck of a lot of lobster.

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Who Makes the Best Lobster Roll in the Country?

Luke's Lobster

Luke's Lobster of New York City took home the coveted lobster roll crown. Photo: Roberto Ferdman

Lobster rolls can make for quite a testy conversation topic. Some like theirs smeared in mayo, while others prefer a generous drizzle of butter. There are those who swear by no-frills hot dog buns, and those who fancy something a bit more adventurous, like a buttery brioche.

With all that in mind, and some serious street cred at stake, 18 of the country’s top lobster rolls went claw to claw in Tasting Table’s annual Lobster Roll Rumble event last Thursday in New York City. We got our hands on a ticket, and then couldn’t keep them off all the irresistible rolls vying for the first place prize.

Check out our favorite bites from last week’s lobster roll claw-off.

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