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Lucky Charms Layer Cake

lucky charms layer cake

I haven’t had Lucky Charms cereal in a good 15 years. I eat grown-up food like yogurt and fruit and poached eggs for breakfast instead. And because I like this grown-up food, I assumed that my mature self wouldn’t enjoy the fantasy food of my childhood: super sugary cereals that my mom only allowed once or twice a year, if ever.

I was wrong. Lucky Charms cereal is good. Maybe because I haven’t had it in a decade +, or maybe because it’s laced with some kind of magically delicious, addictive fairy dust, when I recently popped a handful of hearts, stars, clovers and what’s essentially sugar-coated Cheerios in my mouth, I was sort of in love. Do I love it enough to add it into my grown-up breakfast routine? No. But I love it enough to turn it into a cooler-than-corned-beef-and-cabbage St. Patrick’s Day layer cake.

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