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Sifted: Momofuku Milk Bar Goodies and Memorial Day Favorites

Mini Crack Pie by Butter

5 Hot Links We’re Loving:

  1. Butter transforms Momofuku Milk Bar’s infamous crack pie into cute mini pies. If you haven’t heard of crack pie, look it up and try some asap!
  2. Need a crowd-pleasing side dish for Memorial Day festivities this weekend? Cook Like A Champion’s French potato salad ditches the mayo and lightens up the cookout classic with a tasty fresh herb vinaigrette.
  3. More Milk Bar: We’re daydreaming about Scarletta Bakes batch of cornflake cookies. The crunch from the cereal and the gooeyness of the marshmallow makes for an irresistible treat.
  4. Whisked‘s recipe for lemon poppy seed shortbread is a bright and bold version of the buttery cookie.  It’s a perfect snack for tea-time snack, or anytime of the day we’re going to be honest.
  5. Looking for an excuse to make mac ‘n cheese? Fuss Free Cooking adds the superfood kale to her stove-top recipe, so go ahead and indulge.

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Wendy’s New Signature Side Items Reviewed

wendy's new signature sides
Spring: It’s usually a time that reminds us that bathing suit season is just around the corner. Wendy’s is taking a different approach. They recently introduced three new signature sides made with “premium ingredients” that go against the grain: Macaroni & Cheese, Baked Sweet Potatoes and Chili Cheese Fries. We can admit that comfort food is a year-round craving for most people, and to be fair, Wendy’s does offer several side salads, as well as apple slices on their menu.

But it was the calling for an extreme amount of melted cheese and a craving for brown sugar that had us take a field trip to a local Wendy’s to try these new items. Indulging in fast food isn’t something we’d recommend, but if you’re on the road and have to partake in a drive-through outing, we’re going to recommend you order certain items over others. Here’s how everything rated:

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Meatless Monday: Macaroni and Four Cheeses

You won't believe there's a serving of vegetables in here.

There’s no way I’d be caught making a recipe that requires more than 10 minutes of prep time on a weeknight. When I get home from work, I eat really simple things like leftovers from the weekend, or easy-to-throw-together soups, salads and omelets.

But weekends are a different story. I like to cook up a storm on the weekends, eating and serving all kinds of fancy stuff on Saturdays and Sundays, usually big-batch recipes like casseroles and soups that I can refrigerate or freeze for busier days. Last night I made Ellie Krieger’s Macaroni and Four Cheeses (cheddar, jack, ricotta and Parmesan), which doesn’t actually take that long to make (43 minutes from start to finish) but it makes for good leftovers to take to lunch. It’s made with pureed butternut squash (use frozen or if you happen to have leftover roasted butternut, mash that up and put that in there) so you can feel good about getting a serving of vegetables with your mac and cheese — and it won’t taste all squashy, I swear — it’s creamy and cheesy with a crunchy top, just the way mac and cheese should be. The recipe calls for elbow macaroni; I like to use whole wheat elbows or small shells, but you can use whichever you prefer.

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Meatless Monday: Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

cauliflower mac and cheese

The rules for Meatless Monday are pretty simple: Skip meat, just for Monday. Taking a little time away from meaty meals is good for you, and the environment, too. Technically, your meatless meal doesn’t have to include vegetables, according to the rules. But it should, if you really want to be healthy.

Rachael Ray’s Cauliflower Mac N Cheese is particularly fitting for this early-fall Meatless Monday. It’s meat-free, but also comforting and cheesy. And this isn’t just plain old mac n’ cheese: It’s loaded up with cauliflower, which takes on the flavors of the cheddar, Parmesan and Gruyere cheeses. So you’re skipping meat and getting your vegetables (plus your cheese and pasta), too.

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2011 South Beach Wine & Food Fest

Bobby Flay and Michael Symon Turning It Out In SoBe

If you have ever considered taking a break from your daily grind to go on one of the most decadent food vacations around the globe, the South Beach Wine and Food Festival has your name all over it…

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Rachael Knows Comfort Food

Cauliflower Mac N Cheese

Rachael puts a special, semi-healthy twist to a classic comfort food with Cauliflower Mac N Cheese.

Is anyone else loving Rach’s all new Week in a Day show + recipes? After cooking in 30-minute mode for years (making tons of meat patties and chicken tenders), it’s exciting to see Rachael breaking out her special takes on casseroles, slow-cooked faves and more make-ahead wonders. The recipes are still easy and no-fuss, but now dishes can cook in the oven or simmer on the stove for more than 25 minutes. And, lucky for us, she’s reveling in comfort foods and all their ooey, gooey, yumm-o goodness.

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Roger Mooking’s Other Gig

Roger Mooking slings the hash

Roger Mooking slings the hash

When he’s not in the kitchen jazzing up dishes with exotic ingredients and spices, Toronto chef and Everyday Exotic host Roger Mooking can be found jamming in the recording studio….

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