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American Classics: Happy Birthday, Mark Twain!

Huckleberry Pie Recipe Mark Twain

When celebrating the birthday of an American literary icon, not just any grocery story birthday cake will do. For American food-lover Mark Twain, perhaps the greatest and most mythologized American writer ever, only an iconic American dessert starring an ingredient that shares its name with his most famous character will do. Since Twain loved “all sorts of American pastry” and “fresh American fruits”  this Huckleberry Pie (above) seems like the obvious choice to stick a candle in to celebrate his birthday while rafting down a river reading (or SparkNotes-ing) The Adventures of Huck Finn.

Twain’s love of food wasn’t limited to pie. On one long voyage over seas, he (as he would) waxed poetic about a long list of favorite American foods he couldn’t wait to get home to enjoy. We’ve got recipes for lots of ‘em, and we think Mr. Twain (born Samuel Langhorne Clemens) had pretty good literary and culinary taste.

For example:

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