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McDonald’s Japan Embraces Super-Sizing With Massive French Fry Container

Here in America, thanks to the nefarious work of Morgan Spurlock and others, we have begun expecting our fast food joints to be kinda, well, healthy. Most of them now serve veggie burgers, salads and even cups of fibrous material that scientists call fruit. In Japan, however, that is not the case. Japanese fast food restaurants still embrace the unhealthiness in all of its deep-fried glory. Case in point? McDonald’s and their new French fry size.

McDonald’s Japan has just unveiled something they are calling the “Mega Potato.” This massive container holds so many French fries, diners will think they have died and gone to deep-fried heaven. Don’t eat the whole thing in one sitting, or you might actually die (and go to deep-fried heaven). It holds enough French fries to make up two large-size American portions.

This Mega Potato will set you back 490 yen, or $4.80. Considering two large fries at your local McDonald’s costs around $6, it is quite a steal!

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McDonald’s Uncovers Mysteries of Sauce, Advertising and Nugget Shapes

McDonald's Quarter Pounder

The McDonald’s Corporation in Canada has set up a website where its Canadian fans (or adversaries) can submit questions — like “do you use pink slime in your meat?” or “are your fries made out of plastic?” — and receive answers directly from the company. When Toronto’s Isabel M. sought out the reasons why a Quarter Pounder with Cheese pictured in advertisements doesn’t aesthetically compare to any burger she’s ever eaten at one of the restaurants [see photo], the Director of Marketing responded on YouTube (A: hours of food styling).

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Thirsty Thursday: Adult Shamrock Mint Shake

Adult Shamrock Mint Shake

It’s more than just alliteration; it’s a statement, a proclamation that Thursdays are when the weekend should really start. Kicking it off right is the key, and what better way than with a cocktail that not only takes the edge off, but tastes good too. A hard thing to disagree with, we know. Drink up, get down and go to sleep happy.

For the first time in, well, ever, McDonald’s will be serving its coveted and crazy-evasive Shamrock Shake at every one of it’s 14,000 U.S. branches. Considering our love for all things green, made with ice cream and Irish, we simply had to join the folks at the Huffington Post and Gothamist in celebration. There are many takeaways to be had from such a momentous announcement — requisite visit(s) to your nearest Mickey D’s for a minty, vanilla-y shake being the first, of course — but consider this: What if it was alcoholic? What if the Shamrock Shake were…spiked? Fortunately for, well, everyone we asked that timely question long ago. The result? Something we like to call The Irish Pirate. Bottoms up, folks.

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