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Party in Five: Mediterranean Dinner Party

We here at Cooking Channel love a good party. But throwing a memorable event requires more than just gathering some food and drinks. We show you how, with just five main “ingredients” (including recipes, big-impact decorating ideas and easy DIY elements), you can throw a party that feels like it has a cohesive theme — minimal work required.

During the summer, it can be a challenge to find interesting alternatives to the typical backyard dinner party. Next time you find yourself playing hostess, take inspiration from the ultimate sunny getaway — Greece. The bright white houses and azure seas of romantic coastal towns easily inspire blue, white and natural-hued decor, but just the same as it is in Greece, the food is really the star. A menu filled with salty olives and cheese, warm bread and herbed meat will transport guests to the Mediterranean (and if you’re lucky, you might just catch a pink-hued sunset).

To host your own Mediterranean-inspired dinner party, you’ll need five essential ingredients:

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Mediterranean Diet Myths Busted

Unlike many fad diets, the Mediterranean Diet just doesn’t seem to go out of style. That’s in part because of a persistent influx of research touting its benefits. To be clear what we’re talking about here, the Mediterranean Diet is a pattern of eating that features a bounty of fruits, vegetables, olive oil, nuts and whole grains; a moderate amount of fish and poultry and wine with meals; and minimal amounts of dairy, sweets and red or processed meats. Find out more about what the Mediterranean Diet is and isn’t with these myths:

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Cookbook Giveaway: Purple Citrus & Sweet Perfume

Color, texture and spice come together beautifully in these Crunchy Red Swiss Chard Falafel.

Purple Citrus and Sweet PerfumeBritish chef, restaurateur, writer and food personality Silvena Rowe brings seductive elegance to Eastern Mediterranean cooking in Purple Citrus & Sweet Perfume: Cuisine of the Eastern Mediterranean. Silvena grew up in Bulgaria and her father is Turkish; she credits the vast 500-year rule of the Ottomans for creating a “melting pot of cuisines” in the Eastern Mediterranean region, from Athens to Budapest, Cairo to Beirut and beyond. Through her stories, Silvena takes us on a food journey and delivers simple recipes for lush, spiced Mediterranean home cooking.

What about the cookbook’s intriguing title? In an interview on The Splendid Table, Silvena says that “purple citrus” is sumac, a purple spice with a citrusy flavor, while “sweet perfume” is for the flowers commonly used in Eastern Mediterranean cooking.

Start your exploration of Silvena’s Mediterranean cooking with a few recipes for simple mezze. These are foods for socializing, and she describes them as a “glittering array of dishes” of different colors and textures. So round up a friend or two and give these a try: Crunchy Red Swiss Chard Falafel and Baba Ghanoush.

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