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Tax Day Recipes, for Richer or for Poorer

The tax man cometh, and he cometh today (or really, April 18th for those of you who really like to procrastinate. Thanks to some fancy governmental footwork, Tax Day 2011 was extended a bit.) But whether you owe Uncle Sam, or he owes you, you still gotta’ eat. If you’re expecting a big check, hopefully you’re planning a fancy feast, but if you’re the one writing the big check, don’t worry, you won’t be stuck eating Fancy Feast; we’ve got plenty of delectable options for those looking to save and for those who want to splurge.

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Untrapped: Stockholm with Jamie Oliver

On a Swedish island, Jamie forages for wild blueberries and mushrooms.

Next stop on Jamie Oliver’s enviable world food tour: Sweden. He’s living (and eating) it up in Stockholm, where specialties include such diverse delicacies as gravlax, reindeer heart, wild mushrooms, crayfish and fermented herring. “Swedish cooking is one of the unsung heroes of the cooking of the world,” Jamie says. “They have great produce and amazing ingredients. The food here is very clean, very fresh.”

Jamie wastes little time before checking out Stockholm's indoor market.

Jamie always heads straight for the market when he visits a new city. Stockholm’s indoor market is a sprawling collection of restaurants, cafes and specialty purveyors. It reminds me of Mario Batali’s new Eataly in New York, which models itself after these European anti-supermarkets. Jamie samples some cured reindeer heart, which “tastes like really good roast beef,” and then picks up a salmon filet to use for homemade gravlax.

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