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Why You Should Watch My Grandmother’s Ravioli

Mo Rocca and Grandmas
Grandmas Meena Despande, Peggy Guiliano, Ruth Teig, Eva Levitis and Mona Vasuden with Mo Rocca.

Last night the Food Network Kitchens hosted a launch party for Cooking Channel’s new show My Grandmother’s Ravioli (premiering Wednesday, October 24 at 8:30pm ET.) The show is about humorist Mo Rocca — who never learned to cook his grandmother’s delicious ravioli, or anything else for that matter —  getting cooking lessons from grandparents to whom he is not related.  As one might expect from a launch party for such a show, the event was well-supplied with Mo Rocca and wine and ravioli and grandmas. But that’s not a reason for you to tune in every Wednesday at 8:30p/7:30c. You should tune in because it’s funny, heartwarming, fascinating and filled with great heirloom recipes. We’ll let the first episode’s Jewish grandmother Ruth Teig speak for it. Watch this special web-only teaser of the show we posted on Facebook.

Tune in to My Grandmother’s Ravioli every Wednesday at 8:30pm ET.

More from the show:

5 Things I Learned From Other People’s Grandparents

My Grandmother's Ravioli hosted by Mo Rocca

On my new show, My Grandmother’s Ravioli, I’m learning how to cook from the experts — grandmothers and grandfathers who let me into their kitchens to share their wisdom. Here are 5 things they’ve taught me:

1. I learned from Ruth that gefilte fish is not an actual fish. (All you AP bio students out there, quit checking your taxonomy. It ain’t there.)

2. I learned from 91-year-old Gaetano Varbero how to fire a shotgun. (How else were we going to make venison stew?) Gaetano drives a pickup truck. He makes his own ammo. As I type this, he’s elk-hunting in Colorado. Did I mention he’s 91?

3. I learned a really great dirty joke from Tom Napolitano. Three guys from different armies were in a, um, “cathouse.” One was running up the stairs, one was running down the stairs. The other was behind a closed door. The first was a Russian, the second was Finnish and the third? Himalayan. (Mary, his wife of 62 years, rolls her eyes at this one.) We also made manicotti.

4. I learned from best friends — and grandmothers — Meena and Mona that the creamy heavy stuff we know as Indian food is Punjabi. Meena and Mona are Maharashtrian (from the region that includes Mumbai). Their food is much lighter, but still spicy and savory. Oh, and calling the cuisine “Indian food” is sort of like lumping German and Spanish food together and calling it “European food.”

5. I’ve learned that being a grandparent is almost all upside. (Being a parent is much more complicated.) Don’t get me wrong, I want to have kids. But if there were a way to jump right to the grandparent part? (Figure that one out, AP bio students.)

My Grandmother’s Ravioli premieres Wednesday, October 24 at 8:30pm ET.

Meet the grandparents, submit your best family recipe and find out more about My Grandmother’s Ravioli.

Casting Call: My Grandmother’s Ravioli

Mo Rocca and His Grandmother
Calling all grandmothers and grandfathers who are great home cooks: Mo Rocca is looking for a lesson.

If you caught My Grandmother’s Ravioli this winter on Cooking Channel, you know that Mo Rocca never had the opportunity to learn the secrets to his grandmother’s famous ravioli. In fact, he can’t really cook at all. This fall, he’ll remedy that with a whole season of the show. And we’re on the lookout for grandparents to teach him a trick or two in the kitchen.

Do you think your grandmother or grandfather could teach Mo how to cook great food? We want to know! 

We’re looking for:

  • Grandparents of all ethnicities (accents or English as a second language is not a problem!)
  • Big personalities who love to cook great food (professionals welcome)
  • Real characters (warm, fun, outgoing, fiery, sweet or even curmudgeonly) with interesting family histories or advice to give

Here’s how to apply to be on Cooking Channel:

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Nothing Like Grandma’s Cooking

Mo Rocca and His Grandmother

Nothing beats Grandma’s cooking. It’s soul-satisfying: delicious food enjoyed in a houseful of family members. And for Mo Rocca, he’ll never forget the Sunday suppers his grandmother used to host, with her ravioli as the centerpiece. Unfortunately, Mo’s grandmother passed away before he was able to learn her ravioli recipe. In fact, Mo can’t really cook at all.

But it’s never too late to learn, and Mo is going straight to the masters: grandmothers and grandfathers. Tune in to My Grandmother’s Ravioli this Sunday at 8pm ET as Mo pulls out all the stops to get grandmothers and grandfathers to share their family recipes.

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