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How to Spend a Snow Day

Check out some of Nadia G.’s favorite ways to spend a snow day.

New Year’s Resolutions You Should Skip

Why does putting up a fresh cat calendar always inspire us to promise ourselves wild things we can never live up to? Fact is, you’re pretty bitchin’ already, so feel free to keep these resolutions out of your 2013 plans.

Two Random Things That Make Me Happy

Check out two things that, without fail, get Nadia G. grinning.

Ho, Ho, How to Stay in Shape with Holiday Food Around

This season, Nadia G. be having second servings and festive cocktails like it’s her job, but there are some easy ways to make sure you’re not feeling like a stuffed turkey come New Year’s day.

Rock This Look: How Nadia G. Would Look Good as a Mom

Let Nadia G. and the color purple inspire you to reclaim your style and become an all-out “momshell.” Get it?

Parenthood Isn’t All “Chicken Fingers and Fries”

Nadia G. has three steps to get your shquiblets to finish at least a third of their meal.

Rock This Look: How Nadia G. Decks Out for the Holidays

Rock This LookThis Christmas, Nadia G. is breaking all the fashion rules! She ditches that itchy holiday sweater with snowmen that ski for something a little more form-fitting! From a shiny red catsuit to a festive dress with a bejeweled bunny, the G-Star shows that holiday wear doesn’t have to be boring!

Rock This Look: Nadia G.’s ’50s Style

In the ’50s, you had the choice between looking sharp and looking square. Nadia G. won’t be switching up her leopard print for soft pastels anytime soon, but she wouldn’t mind adopting the end-of-day drinking tradition.

Rock This Look: How Nadia G. Looks Amazing Even When Feeling Lazy

It’s okay to spend a day on your couch every now and then. Nadia G. knows there’s an easy way to look amazing, and it never involves sweats or pajamas.

Rock This Look: Nadia G.’s Casual “One of the Guys” Style

Since us ladies have to keep our beauty secrets, follow Nadia’s lead and rock this casual “one of the guys” look from her Dude Food episode.