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Rock This Look: Nadia’s Halloween Special

Rock This Look: Bitchin' Halloween Special

It was a dark and stormy night, and you could swear you heard sounds coming from your kitchen. Was it the ghost of dinners past, a zombie gnawing on your leftovers or — gasp! — a horrible DIY costume from last year that just won’t die?! Look, Halloween is just about the only time you’re “allowed” to pass off a bed sheet for an outfit, but that doesn’t mean you have to.

Sure, costumes are fun, but if you’re going to have a sophisticated celebration this year, take some cues from Nadia G’s Halloween Special attire, then break out that badass Iron Man suit when the sun goes down.

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Get Nadia G.’s Edible Blood Recipe

Nadia G.'s Theatrical Blood

Let’s talk Halloween decor. People spend a fortune on this stuff. Why? It’s so easy and cheap to turn your place into a nightmarish crypt. Nadia G.’s simple theatrical blood is pure Dexter. Just schvitz some on a table cloth or old sheet. It doesn’t get much creepier than that.

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Rock This Look: Nadia G.’s Office Wear

Nadia G. is back in da house! Well, she’s actually back at the office to bring some life to your Office Lunches. But that doesn’t mean a pantsuit is gonna fly! You know it wouldn’t be Nadia G. without a little multicolored print and a lot of punchy pumps. In Office Lunches, we’re going for statement pieces, pulled together with some soft waves and makeup, making for a freakin’ sweet outfit.

When you tell your boss that there’s no way you’re staying overtime, you’re going to have to give some serious puppy dog eyes, bro. A good start is some flattering eyeshadow, and these M.A.C colors, “Brun” and “Shroom” work a double shift because they’re perfect for day and can be rocked out for night.

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Rock This Look: Nadia G.’s Pin-up Style

Nadia G. Geezer Grub

So you’re old. Big deal. Doesn’t mean you need to reach for the girdle, stockings or cat-hair housecoat just yet. This week’s “Geezer Grub” episode of Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen celebrates growing old, or at least making the most out of it. Take our advice and you’ll be looking sharp, even if death is knocking at your door. Borrowing from ’40s and ’50s retro pin-up style, Nadia G. rocks a fun look sure to keep you young at heart, or at the very least, remind you of the good old days.

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Rock This Look: Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen “Hitched and Ditched”

Rock This Look - Nadia G.

When your friends get hitched, you can’t help but feel alone and friendless. In fact, you might start questioning what you’re doing with your life and debating how many cats you should adopt. SNAP OUT OF IT! Just remember what marriage actually entails (sharing a sink — ew), grab your dancing shoes and head out for a celebratory single’s drink! And don’t worry, you may not have your bestie’s “no, that doesn’t make you look fat” approval, but we’ve got the perfect party outfit for a great night.

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Rock This Look: Nadia G. Goes Retro

Nadia G. Rock This Look

We all know that maturing usually goes hand in hand with fashion sense. Sure, some of us were stylish kids, but the rest of us suffered the humiliation of matching our siblings hand-me-downs and, dare I say it, school uniforms. We have our parents to thank for that! In Nadia G.’s “Childhood Favorites” episode, she’s showing you that nostalgia can be cool, as long as you leave the acne out of it. Vintage tees can be glammed up with a pair of skinny jeans, sky-high heels and even some cuter-than-your-school-yearbook-photos socks – as long as they match.

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Nadia G.’s Adult Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

Nadia G.

Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen returns tonight at 10pm ET on Cooking Channel with Nadia G. revamping some of her favorite childhood dishes. Along with an Adult PB&J (made with homemade peanut-butter cashew butter and spicy raspberry jam heightened with Anaheim chiles), she’ll take fish sticks to new levels with her Baccala (salt cod) Croquettes with Tangy Dill Aioli and share the recipe for Riso con la Ricotta (rice with ricotta, sweet peas and pancetta crispies).

There will be laughs; there will be stories of youth; there will be a chiseled shirtless man giving us the lowdown on organic peanuts.

Here’s tonight’s plan:

  • Tune in to Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen t 10pm ET on Cooking Channel.
  • Log on to Nadia G.’s Facebook and Twitter pages for her live chat and #bitchinkitchen tweetup during the episode.

Nadia G.

  • Check back on Devour after the show to see how to rock Nadia G.’s look.

Nadia G’s Depression Desserts

Nadia G. Depression Desserts

Feeling blue? Nadia cures her woes with dessert (and lots of it)!

Stuffing your face with sweets is always a good cure-all when you’re down in the dumps. You could curl up with a pint of ice cream and call it a night — but we’ve got an even better idea. Whip up one of Nadia G’s decadent desserts and kiss the blues goodbye.

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Nadia G. Wins 2012 NewNowNext Award

Nadia G.'s Bitchin' Kitchen

***Update:  Nadia G. snagged the big win this week at the NewNowNext Awards in the category of Most Addictive Reality Star. We couldn’t be more excited for her, and not at all surprised — we’re addicted to her episodes of Nadia G.’s Bitchin’ Kitchen on Cooking Channel, after all.

The stiletto-wearing, pan-wielding star now joins the ranks of movie stars and soon-to-be pop icons previously recognized for greatness, including previous award winners like Lady Gaga, True Blood and Britney Spears.

See the full list of nominees here.

New to the world of Bitchin’ Kitchen? We think this video is the perfect way to familiarize yourself with this bitchin’ lady and her cast of characters:

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Meatless Monday: Double-Decker Coffin Sandwiches

A sandwich covered in blood is frightening, even to meat lovers. Thankfully, raspberry puree makes a gory enough stand-in so you don’t have to use actual blood and guts to make Nadia G’s scary sandwich. If you left it plain, it would be a fancified cheese sandwich, but with a few slashes of the knife, this sandwich gets dressed as a blood-drenched coffin for Halloween.

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