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25 Ways to Use Parsnips

Several months into one of the worst winters we’ve seen in a while, I’ve been noticing a collective hostility growing around me. Yes, I live in NYC and people are supposed to be pushy and rude all the time, but we’re not. I swear. People on the subway who would normally hold a door for one another are pushing fellow riders out of the way. So what’s behind the bad attitudes? I’m no psychologist, but I think it’s the weather. We can really only handle so many layers of clothing, snowstorms and days in a row of temperatures hitting the midteens before we start to get a little cranky.

With Valentine’s Dayhere, the most we can do is spread a little love to ourselves and hope that other people start catching the love bug. The best way I know to do this is a homey and comforting winter meal to warm me up from the inside out. At the center of these meals you’ll often find a few parsnips, which are at their peak throughout the winter. Parsnips are cousins to carrots, with the same woody texture as and similar flavor to turnips, and are often used in a manner similar to potatoes.

Pull on your snow boots, pick up some parsnips and get some love cooking in your kitchen.

  1. Let parsnips shine on their own with simple Herbed Butter Parsnips.
  2. In a pickle for some pickles? Make quick Pickled Root Vegetable Salad (pictured above).
  3. Parsnip-flecked Egg “Barley” Farfel isn’t really barley; farfel is an egg-noodle dough grated to resemble barley in size and shape.
  4. Roasted root veggies are simple side dishes that pair with everything: Try Rosemary-Roasted Root Vegetables and Roasted Potatoes, Carrots, Parsnips and Brussels Sprouts.
  5. Winter staples (parsnips, butternut squash and fennel) are present and accounted for in Rachael Ray’s Creamy Winter Vegetable Soup.

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