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Pesto, Change-o: 5 Recipes to Use Up Leftover Basil

When you’re short on time but need to add a punch of flavor, turn to one of our favorite condiments: pesto. The versatile, herbaceous sauce can be spread on sandwiches, tossed with pasta or used to marinate meat. It’s also great for using bunches of leftover basil and other herbs you have sitting around.

Find out how your favorite chefs make pesto with six of our favorite recipes, including Kelsey Nixon’s Every Herb Pesto (pictured above) — mint, tarragon and basil — perfect for topping crunchy crostini.

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Sifted: Fresh Seasonal Eats + Irresistably Fluffy Cookies

Spring Garlic Pancakes by A Thought For Food

5 Hot Links We’re Loving:

  1. Pick up a bundle of spring garlic from the market and make these simple, elegant pancakes by A Thought For Food.
  2. We love the salty, sweet contrast in this fresh fig, bacon and blue cheese pizza by How Sweet Eats.
  3. With a thin crackly exterior and a soft gooey interior, Bake or Break’s salted chocolate truffle cookies are just as rich and decadent as the fancy candies.
  4. The secret ingredient in Kitchen Confidante’s butterscotch chip cookies is cream cheese. If you have the patience not to eat them straight from the oven, dollop with ice cream to create one awesome ice cream sandwich.
  5. Some Kitchen Stories’ parsley pesto highlights the flavor of roasted almonds and keeps its vibrant green longer than recipes using basil. What’s your favorite way to make pesto?

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Meatless Monday: Every Herb Pesto

pesto recipe
Pesto is a great way to use up fresh basil, but what about all of the other herbs? I’ve gotten cilantro, parsley, chives and mint from friends whose gardens are overflowing and in my own CSA share, and I am never able to use them up fast enough minus the few sprigs that end up in a salad or snipped over scrambled eggs. I end up having to throw the extra away. I start out with good intentions — I’ll freeze them or dry them to use in the fall and winter. But I usually forget about them until I see the brown bunch in the back of the fridge.

Kelsey’s Every Herb Pesto is the best way to use up assorted fresh herbs and to make a super flavorful, tastes-like-summer sauce to spread on crostini, spoon over grilled vegetables, slather on sandwiches and swirl into pasta dishes. Pesto freezes well, so make a whole bunch and freeze it for when it’s all grey outside and there are no green plants to be seen.

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