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Incorporate Seasonal Flavors into Cocktails at Home

Holiday cocktail party season is officially upon us, and we at Cooking Channel couldn’t be more excited about the plentiful libations to come. But by your 5th or 6th ugly sweater party, you might find yourself a little nogged-out on ‘nog or mulling over tossing that mulled cider down the sink. To get some inspiration for mixing up our best seasonal cocktails throughout the holidays, we sat down with Theo Lieberman, head bartender at New York City’s esteemed cocktail destination Milk and Honey. Theo loves incorporating seasonal flavors into his drinks – like in his Pomegranate Moonrise Cocktail (below) – and here he shares with us his favorite ways to shake up your signature party cocktail.

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Cranberryless Sauce

The classic log shape.

Even non-foodies are passionate about their Thanksgiving foods. Would you prefer white meat or dark? Do you call it stuffing or dressing? Is ambrosia salad actually food? But the one T-day element that cleaves the world neatly in two is cranberry sauce. In one corner you have the folks who like the gelatinous log embossed with the ridges from the can; in the other you have devotees of a chunky sauce or relish made with fresh cranberries, often with citrus and/or nuts. It’s not a topic people are ambivalent about.

I was curious where affinities lie, so I asked about 1,700 of my closest friends. The results were surprising, with an overwhelming show of support for chunky cranberry sauce. The log didn’t stand a chance.

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