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25 Ways to Use Pork Butt

Football season means one thing to me: pork butt, aka Boston butt, aka pork shoulder, cooked and served in every way, shape and form. Pork butt can be fatty with lots of connective tissues, making it the preferred cut for low and slow cooking. I prefer to buy bone-in pork shoulder unless I’ll be grinding or cubing up my meat for sausages or stews. And if you want to make sausage but have no meat grinder, ask your butcher to give you a hand and run the meat through the grinder.

Pulled pork is a delicious tailgating standby; you can’t go wrong with slow-roasted meat so tender that it falls apart with two forks, lightly drenched in some tangy-sweet BBQ sauce. And while I’m sure your go-to recipe is the best and that everyone always requests it, why not branch out a little and show that pork butt some love? Here’s the nudge you need to switch up your tailgating favorites.

  1. Have smoker, will travel? Brine your butt (yes, I went there) in molasses before smoking with Alton Brown’s Barbecue Pork Butt recipe. Keep the smoker going for MO Gridder’s BBQ Pork Butt sandwich or coat the pork in mustard and a dry rub for Smoked Boston Pork Butt.
  2. Throwback to the 25 Ways to Use Beer post with Beer Braised BBQ Pork Butt (pictured above).
  3. Use a piece of boneless pork shoulder and store-bought kimchi for Korean comfort food at home: Kimchi Stew with Braised Pork.
  4. Brian Boitano serves his Braised Hawaiian Pork Shoulder with Mashed Parsnips and Celery Root — Pho Poi.
  5. Equally delicious served hot or at room temp, single-serving Pork Pies are a great (and filling) portable lunch option.

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Fall Fest: Our Best Pork-Filled Brussels Sprouts Recipes for the Holidays

My first experience with Brussels sprouts was not very pleasant: I used to associate them with small, soggy gray cabbages that looked like lumps of coal on our Christmas spread. Not to mention they smelled horrible. After a while, my mother wouldn’t let a sprout so much as cross the threshold of our doorstep. So one year when my sister wanted to try her hand at making Brussels sprouts for Christmas, it was met with adversity. But I quickly learned that this controversial vegetable doesn’t have to be boiled into oblivion; it can be roasted, sautéed or shredded for differing tastes and textures.

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Atlanta Food and Wine Festival: Southern Food Celebration

Sugaree's Strawberry Layer Cake

Heavenly Strawberry Layer Cake, Sugaree's Bakery - New Albany, MS

The first annual Atlanta Food and Wine Festival has now wrapped, and the inaugural weekend for food and wine lovers was delicious and fun down to the last slice…

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Untrapped: Paella and Pork in Andalucia With Jamie Oliver

In Andalucia, Jamie's cooking up a pan of paella...for 500 people.

On Jamie’s Food Escapes, world-traveler Jamie Oliver uncovers the culinary specialties of gorgeous corners of the globe. Tonight, he’s onto his next location: Andalucia, a region of southern Spain. This means tapas, paella, and pig prepared every possible way. And that’s only scratching the surface.

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Feast for Luck in 2011

Michael Symon's dish pairs two lucky foods: Pork and cabbage. Plus, his decadent pan sauce is spiked with Champagne.

Coming up short on ideas for a creative and delicious New Year’s Eve menu? You’re in luck, literally. We’ve comprised a mouth-watering menu of dishes from Cooking Channel chefs, each course showcasing foods that are believed bring good fortune for the New Year. Every January we vow to eat better, exercise more, be kinder, or give up whatever our worst vice may be. That all takes work—so a little extra luck can’t hurt.

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Blend: Your Secret Weapons + Ours


Food People have secrets they can’t help but share. We’ll show (and tell) you ours, if you show us yours…

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