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Dinner Rush! Chunky Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie

#FirstSnow That’s how I started one day this last week, watching pillowy white flurries dust my backyard. It’s of course too early in the season for any of it to stick for any length of time, but the magic of that moment had already taken effect. Only one thing seemed a fitting commemoration of a day I look forward to all year. It was to be a chicken pot pie kind of day.

I figure if I’m gonna do fatty comfort food, it’s got to be done right, which means making a rock-solid filling. I avoid using a nonstick skillet here because I want to develop fond (or as chefs call it, “flavor gold”). Fond is all that amazing business that builds up on the bottom of a pan when you’re sautéing something. As long as it stays nutty brown (blackened fond = “flavor kryptonite”), you’re primed to then deglaze the pan, which releases all that business and emulsifies it into your sauce. That fond-ation is what makes a sauce that’s been cooking for 15 minutes taste like a day-long affair.

Which is perfect for me, because I’ve got some snow watching to do.

Chunky Chicken Pot Pie

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