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26 Questions with Corndog Maestro Jim Stacy

This is Jim Stacy. He’s run landmark bars, revamped a historic drive-in movie theater, built the South’s most famous corndog truck and created a temple of comfort food treasures at his Georgia restaurant Pallookaville Fine Foods.On Offbeat Eats with Jim Stacy, Jim tracks down some of the most innovative rebel chefs around who are creating offbeat food and experiences (like a restaurant in Seattle with circus décor that serves carnival-inspired dishes and a spot in Louisville that is one part old-school arcade and one part gastro-pub). We sent Jim 26 rapid-fire questions about his favorite foods, trends, comic book and more.

Cooking Channel: Craziest thing you’ve seen deep fried?

Jim Stacy: I’ll answer that in a roundabout way. I see too many things fried badly. Folks will fry things to shock you and be clever. That’s fine, but I see right through it. My most surprising and satisfying thing I’ve had fried lately is Kale Pakoras. It is a curry spiced, battered and fried kale dish. Pakoras are usually made out of potatoes or cauliflower, but I recently had them made of Kale at Chai Pani in Decatur, Georgia and was slain by how great they were. I’d rather people seek out the sublime and smart than deep fry stupid stuff.

CC: Favorite food?

JS: I’m partial to Soul Food made by a crew of old ladies that have worked together for years.

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How Comedian Reggie Watts Eats on Tour

Reggie Watts

We caught up with the brilliant comedian/musician Reggie Watts (IFC’s Comedy Bang Bang) in San Francisco at the Outside Lands Music Festival and asked him about how he eats on tour:

Food is important, but when you tour you sometimes end up eating some pretty sh*tty food. Which sucks.

But I do try to find out the great restaurants to go to before I go to a city. Like I went to Heirloom Cafe the other day which was awesome. And I went to Zuni and had their famous chicken.

If I am in town more than a day then I have a high chance of actually going somewhere great that has a beautiful philosophy behind it — a philosophy about quality. I really love quality but sometimes you just gotta eat a hot dog cause there is nothing else around.

I wish we had Del Taco and Chipotle. They are really best in San Fran. You must visit them. Just so you know how terrible things can be.

BONUS: Watch this hilarious clip of Reggie and Michael Cera musically improvising on their love of food.

Photo and interview by Andrew Wintner of The Beat Advisory

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Ask a Question to Eden of Eden Eats

Eden Eats

Head over to our Facebook page now and post a question for Eden Grinshpan of Eden Eats.

Eden has already uncovered the hidden global food scene in Nashville and Tampa. Tomorrow night at 10pm ET on Cooking Channel, she will spend 24 hours in the diverse desert city of Phoenix to taste her way around the world and meet the people who have recreated their culture through food.

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