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Get Excited for Ramps



Fleeting, wild and desperately coveted, ramps are the spring allium equivalent of a teenage summer romance. Plucked by foragers throughout the East Coast and Midwest, ramps are a two-for-one bonanza of pickle-worthy bulbs and sauté-ready leaves.

If you happen to come across a bunch at an area farmers’ market, grab it and try these springy takes:


More of the ramp-age:

25 Ways to Use Ramps
In Season: Ramps

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25 Ways to Use Ramps

Farmers’ markets, grocery stores and restaurants are flooded for a few weeks every year with ramps, the wild-grown, subtly-flavored cousin of leeks, onions and garlic. Ramps are the official marker of spring in the culinary community and are found in forests up and down the east coast.

But what can you do with them? Substitute for onions, leeks or garlic, or put ramps in the spotlight of your meals by blanching, grilling, sauteing or eating raw. Get some extra info on ramps here or just dive into these 25 ways to ramp up your spring menu.

  1. Simply grilling or sauteing ramps (toss with olive oil, salt and pepper) are some of the best ways to get the ramps from the backyard into your belly in record time. Take it one step further and top them on crostini for apps.
  2. Ramp season is only a few weeks long, so extend the shelf life of these babies with a quick Pickled Ramps recipe.
  3. You can put those pickled ramps from the previous recipe on just about anything, but why not go all the way and shoot for Pan Roasted Skirt Steak with Fingerlings and Ramp Leaves with a Pickle Sauce (pictured above)?
  4. Or toss those pickled ramps into Egg-Fried Rice with Pickled Vegetables.
  5. Even better, add the pickled ramps to Sauteed Skate with Indian Lime Pickle. If you’re filleting the skate yourself, be sure to use an old rag to hold it steady — not only is skate super slippery, but it also has prickers that can hurt your hands!

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Sifted: French Toast Grilled Cheese + The Trendiest Spring Ingredient

French Toast Grilled Cheese by Culinary Cool

  5 Hot Links We’re Loving:

  1. Filled with apples and caramel, Culinary Cool’s French toast grilled cheese is a sweet and savory combination worth trying.
  2. The secret to delicious gluten-free meatballs? Tortilla chips! Try Inquiring Chef’s Southwestern meatballs in adobo sauce and let us know what you think about the special ingredient.
  3. Beer’s not just for drinking. Put on your apron and make My Friend’s Bakery‘s super easy and downright tasty bacon cheddar beer bread.
  4. It’s that time of year again when ramps are all the rage, but they won’t be around for long. If you spot them in the market, make Smitten Kitchen’s ramp pizza and resist the urge to add mozzarella — it’s that good.
  5. You can’t go wrong with banana pancakes. To get them extra fluffy, Kitchen Treaty adds a little extra baking powder and lets the batter sit for a few minutes before heating up the griddle.

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Ready for Ramps


Not long ago the appearance of asparagus announced that winter is over. But asparagus is now available year round in the supermarket, so for me it’s the arrival of ramps that tells me spring is here. Just last weekend I discovered bunches of these fragrant little plants at the Union Square Farmer’s Market and they’ll be around for the next four weeks.

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