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Ready for Ramps


Not long ago the appearance of asparagus announced that winter is over. But asparagus is now available year round in the supermarket, so for me it’s the arrival of ramps that tells me spring is here. Just last weekend I discovered bunches of these fragrant little plants at the Union Square Farmer’s Market and they’ll be around for the next four weeks.

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Hot New Season: Chuck’s Day Off + Tasty Food People

Chuck Hughes, Chuck's Day Off --

Chuck Hughes rebounds after the demise of the Montreal Expos with a new season

Hey Sports Fans! The long wait is over and a brand new season is upon us…  Actually, not baseball but a fresh new season of Chuck’s Day Off with hot new recipes you are going to crave…

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What Kind of ‘Food Person’ Are You?

New user profile options for Cooking Channel

Cooking Channel is getting a lot more social.

Now you can show everyone what kind of Food Person you are by saving, rating and reviewing your favorite recipes for everyone to see. This means you’ll be able to let everyone know which recipes you’ve tried, and what substitutions you used to make them your own.  Time to get creative! Call all serious cooks:  We want to hear from you?

Plus, we cooked up some sweet cooking icons for you to choose from on your profile page—see above!

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Irish Soda Bread: Is it Actually Irish?

March brings with it the hope of spring, at least in New York (and the nagging fear that we could still have one more big snow storm), and all that comes with the new season — crocuses peeping out of the earth, nesting robins, and overeager fashion-lovers prematurely donning sandals outdoors.

For me, March has always meant the start of  Good Bread Season: Irish Soda Bread in March, followed by Easter Bread in March or April. In my family, my mom made these breads, two of my favorite foods since the start of my solid food-eating life, only for their requisite holidays, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. Irish Soda Bread never reappeared as Christmas Bread or Happy Birthday Bread, and Easter Bread was never reincarnated as Sorry Your Hamster Died Bread or Just Because Bread. I accepted that it must be this way to preserve tradition and make those holidays really special. And with Irish Soda Bread, since it’s a traditional Irish food, it should be served only on the one day of the year when my family celebrated its partially Irish heritage.

But as I’ve grown older, I’ve wondered: Is Irish Soda Bread a traditional Irish food?

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Food Network Kitchens: Top Food Trends for 2011

Kelsey's Banana Caramel Cream Pie

The Food Network’s Kitchens offer for your perusal eleven trends that will define the coming year in food. Check out five of the trends here, then visit Food Network’s Dish for the rest of the list.

And if reading about these trends makes you hungry, you’re in luck. This year they’ve distilled (or rather mashed up) the predictions into two emblematic recipes, thus giving you an opportunity unique among year-end forecasts: the chance to eat the predictions! Check back tomorrow for the recipes. If they’re any indication, the year 2011 is going to be a delicious one. Bon appétit!

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411 on Lisa Lillien aka Hungry Girl

Catch Lisa Lillien aka Hungry Girl on Cooking Channel

By January, you may resolve to focus on a little calorie cutting after an abundant and waist-increasing holiday season.  Stress not — we’ve got your back. Beginning Saturday, January 8th at 4pm, Hungry Girl aka Lisa Lillien arrives on Cooking Channel…

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Cooking Channel Thanksgiving TV Preview

No one knows turkey like Alton. Watch him dish out the tips Sunday at 5pm ET.

Thanksgiving is coming! The turkey, the stuffing, the sides, the pies — and so much good TV to eat up, we thought you could use a little help.

Keep crafting your Thanksgiving menu with Cooking Channel this weekend…

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Sifted: Halloween Cocktail Edition

Bloody Brain Shooters will definitely be the talk of your Halloween party.

Linkage we’re into:

* 11 Sexy Halloween Cocktails, plus the INFAMOUS Bloody Brain Shooter [Food2]
* Creepy Halloween Bubble Cocktails — Enjoy with straw or fork [Instructables]
* Frosty Apple Bobbing Cocktail Punch — Right in the kisser [Southern Living]
* Spooky Party Drinks for Kids — Just, yuck. [Squidoo]

(though we may take Emeril’s lead and go with this one.)

What chilling beverages are you serving or looking for this Halloween?

More HALLOWEEN on Devour the Blog here.

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Zucchine Sott’Olio

Zucchini Preserved in Oil with Hot Peppers, Garlic, and Mint Zucchini Preserved in Oil with Hot Peppers, Garlic, and Mint

I recently had the pleasure of lunching at the Oakland home of Rosetta Costantino. Rosetta’s been teaching how to cook the foods of her native Calabria for years, and her extensive knowledge of this much overlooked regional cuisine is now lovingly and gorgeously documented in a new book.

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Cooking: Halloween Treats and Recipes

Homemade Pumpkin Doughnuts -

Homemade Pumpkin Doughnuts - courtesy of

A colleague from came into the office yesterday with the most evil temptations…homemade pumpkin doughnuts. You do NOT want a warm batch of these only feet from your desk…

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