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Dinner Rush! Gin + Tonic Salmon BLTs

Cooking Channel has gone mash-up crazy in the best way possible. Caesar salad is commingling with pizza. Doughnuts are adorning icebox cakes. Would a rose by any other name taste as sweet as lasagna meatloaf? If you’re still looking to deviate from the norm, here’s one more for you to try: the BLT meets a gin and tonic.

For many of us, a hearty BLT and a refreshing G&T are already a match made in heaven. Crispy thick-cut bacon on mayo-slathered toasted bread deserves the stylish sophistication of such a timeless drink — it’s like edible shabby chic. Don’t fret, though, if you’re not into the whole “booze for dinner” thing. It’s fine to leave out the gin if you don’t care for it; this open-face knife and fork sandwich will still be a dinner-table rock star.

After you’ve given this a go, c’mon back to Cooking Channel for even more craveable comfort food mash-ups.

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Sifted: Sandcastle Cake, Ice Cream Cupcakes and More

Food Through the Page's Sandcastle Cake

5 Hot Links We’re Loving:

  1. Looking for a wow factor? This sandcastle cake from Food Through the Pages is your answer. Move over Barbie, Little Mermaid is the new cake topping queen.
  2. We’re inspired by Trissalicious’ beautiful recreation of French Laundry’s salmon tartare cornets. For a night you truly want to challenge your culinary skills, try these delicate treats.
  3. Cupcakes just got a summer make over with these coffee ice cream cupcakes from How Sweet Eats. Store in the freezer to enjoy them throughout the week (if they’ll last that long).
  4. Combine puff pastry, Parmesan, poppy seeds and a dash of cayenne to make Treats easy and delicious cheese straws. They’re the perfect appetizer for your summer cocktail parties.
  5. Cool off with A Thought For Food’s refreshing rhubarb and strawberry limeade. And while you’re at it, top it off with some Prosecco for even more fun.

Craving more?

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Cooking the Channel: Kelsey’s Steamed Salmon Pouches

Kelsey's Salmon En Papilloute

Kelsey's Sesame-Ginger Salmon en Papillote

Like everyone in January, I’m trying to eat just a little bit healthier. (Literally everyone — people were fighting over the last bag of spinach at the my grocery store yesterday.) But as a food lover, that doesn’t mean I want to go bland, so I was excited to try Kelsey’s Asian-inspired, pouch-steamed salmon with ginger, peppers and baby bok choy.  Here’s how to make it, plus tips on cooking en papillote.

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Ocean to Table: Alaskan Salmon

Catching a King Salmon in Juneau, Alaska Catching a King Salmon in Juneau, Alaska

Ocean to Table!
Okay, so that’s a slight exaggeration. This 16-pound King salmon went from the Juneau, Alaska ocean, to fishing boat, to packaging company, to FedEx and ended up arriving at my New Jersey apartment two weeks after I caught it, filleted and frozen in perfectly-portioned packets. But, “ocean to table” or not, this was an amazing way to get salmon and the highlight of my recent Alaskan vacation.

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