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Alie & Georgia’s San Francisco Travel Guide

For episode 3 of Tripping Out with Alie & Georgia (tonight at 10:30pm ET), we revisit one of our favorite cities in the world, San Francisco. It’s the city of Alie’s birth, and where Georgia lived for a happy three years in the early 00s, so it was only natural that the “city by the bay” be on our list of “must visits” for our first season.

Like a more manageable, less intimidating Manhattan, San Francisco offers diverse neighborhoods complete with ethnic cuisine from all over the world, a fast paced lifestyle yet plenty of great spots to find respite, and a storied history that gives visitors something to ooh and aah over around every corner.

We both love the city, but we lived there many years apart, so we took our visit as an opportunity to show one another our personal favorite spots around town. We also had a chance to discover some fun new destinations that have cropped up since we both left. Considering we did our touring on a scooter, we think the fact that we didn’t die is reason enough for our later celebrations back in our beloved Los Angeles.

Alie’s Favorite Spots:

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G. Garvin’s San Francisco Travel Tips

Hops and Hominy

San Francisco is one of those places in the country that’s just all-around incredible. The views, the weather, the people, the food: There are plenty of reasons why it attracts so many visitors. When you visit, be sure to embrace the active lifestyle. There are great places to hike inside the city and around it.

Banjara Bistro

Once you’ve picked up on the car-free lifestyle of the San Fran locals, stop by this food truck to eat like one. Banjara Bistro’s specialty is the crepes, and the Southern Soul can’t be beat: It includes pulled pork, braised greens, honey bacon and cheddar.

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Train Frontman Pat Monahan’s Dark Chocolate Obsession

Train frontman Pat Monahan
In honor of the Grammy Awards last night, we’ve got some chocolate love from Grammy Award-winning band Train. You may have thought they just played music (and had pretty faces), but think again. Frontman Pat Monahan, an avid chocolate lover, reached out to Ghirardelli and partnered with them to create three premium chocolate bars under the name of his hit album Save Me, San Francisco: Sea Salt Almond, Dark Cabernet and 72% Cacao. We’re betting they now have unlimited access to chocolate; not a bad second gig.

Pat shared with us his top five reasons for eating dark chocolate:

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San Francisco’s Michelin-Starred Restaurants

San Francisco‘s restaurants are known for melding Californian cuisine with a broad spectrum of global culinary influences. And this trick has certainly paid off: The city’s diverse offerings have earned their fair share of celestial acclaim. Some of our favorite hotel restaurants, in particular, are attracting the Michelin Man’s attention. Serving up unique and creative meals — often inspired by the California coastline — these restaurants are sure to leave diners salivating for more. Dig into our some of our faves below!



Campton Place Restaurant at Campton Place Taj Hotel (pictured above)

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Do You Know The ‘Double or Muffin’ Man?


What’s the valedictorian of an Ivy League school to do when working in finance right out of college wasn’t everything he thought it would be? Open a pop-up muffin shop, naturally. That’s exactly what Ben Gifford, who graduated from Dartmouth College in 2010, did when he started his muffin business, Double or Muffin, in San Francisco a few months ago. Double or Muffin, however, is not your average pop-up shop. After customers purchase a muffin (they only cost a dollar!), they get to flip a coin. Heads: you get another muffin of your choosing for free. Tails: you keep the muffin you already have. Hence, double or muffin. Find out what goes into running a prosperous bakery, and get one of Ben’s top muffin recipes after the jump. 

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Sifted: Pumpkin Challenge, Texas Whoopie, Parmesan Rinds Pumpkin Carving Challenge

The priceless PorcuPumpkin is one of the entries in's Halloween Jack O'Lantern Challenge.

Linkage we’re liking:

* Calling All Pumpkin Carvers & Painters:  Are you up for a Challenge? [Food2]
* Dallas Does Whoopie Pies — Eastern Treats Getting Bigger in TX! [Dallas News]
* Secret Ingredient:  Pitch-Perfect Parmesan Rind [SF Gate]

Are you carving or painting pumpkins this year?  Food2 may have a prize for you…

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