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Grilled Cheese Greatness

Grilled Cheese

Why is April National Grilled Cheese Month? We’d guess it’s because few things go better with April showers than grilled cheese and a companion dunking bowl of tomato soup. But regardless the reason, we’re stoked that the entire month is dedicated to the nostalgic favorite. Celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month with these old-school takes and new-school twists on the always-golden sandwich:

Get all the recipes.

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Clean Out Your Spice Cabinet with These 8 Genius Recipes

When you open up your cabinets, you probably have at least a few dozen spice bottles staring at you. How many of them do you really use? Instead of letting them collect dust, it’s time for a spice purge, and we have the perfect recipes to do it.

FYI, spices last about six months once opened, although some brands claim you can keep them up to three years. Even though old bottles may not be spoiled, they lose flavor over time. So let’s get to cooking with everything from Italian blends to that allspice you use only twice a year.

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Food Pairings For Your Favorite Camping Movies, From Troop Beverly Hills to Heavyweights

Camping can be fun, but it’s not for everyone. Some people would rather enjoy the comfort of an air-conditioned home than the coziness of a tent, so they’ve never gotten to experience cooking hot dogs and s’mores over an open fire while watching the sun go down over a scenic lake.

For the camping-averse, we have two solutions for you. One is “glamping” — a glamorous version with air mattress beds and electricity that Haylie Duff will show off on the Saturday, June 13 premiere episode of The Real Girl’s Kitchen at 1pm ET — and the other is watching iconic summer-camp movies at home with a menu to match. Choose your own adventure.

It Takes Two: Sloppy Joes

Ellie Krieger’s delicious Sloppy Joes are so good that you won’t want to throw them at your friends while watching the movie, as exciting as a food fight sounds.

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The Wolverine Sandwich Tears Apart Most Other Sandwiches

Not everyone can make it to San Diego and pay homage to Wolverine at Comic Con, so Cooking Channel is celebrating the food people way — with an easy hero recipe you can make at home. This Wolverine-inspired Shredded Beer Braised Beef Sandwich with Poutine would only be more impressive if it were laced with adamantium.

In it, claw-like French fry poutine (he is Canadian) protracts from beneath a toasted bun filled with shredded beer-gravy-soaked meat. It makes a perfect lunch or afternoon snikt.

Get the recipe.

Get more superhero-inspired sandwiches.

Bonus: Check out Wolverine and other superheroes’ favorite foods.

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The Super Hero (Sandwiches) of Summer

We crafted some supersized sandwiches, inspired by this summer’s big superhero blockbuster movies, like Man of Steel (Super Grilled Ham and Cheese with Red, White and Blue Smoothie), The Wolverine (Shredded Beer Braised Beef Sandwich with Poutine) and more.

Flip through the photos and get the recipes.

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Vote for the Best Thing on Sliced Bread

The Best Thing on Sliced Bread

Next week is “Sandwich Week” on Cooking Channel, which means our best chefs will be topping bread with transcendent combinations of fresh produce, succulent meats and creamy spreads each day. It kicks off Sunday night at 8pm ET with the upper crust of television specials, The Best Thing On Sliced Bread. Food writer Troy Johnson will hit five states (Georgia, Maine, Missouri, California and Oregon), seeking out the most mouth-watering sandwiches the country has to offer (like the Pork Belly Cubano from Bunk Sandwiches in Portland, OR, pictured above.)

But we didn’t think Troy should have all the fun. So we’ve put photos of our favorite sandwich recipes (including the five featured in the special) on a Pinterest board titled Best Thing on Sliced Bread. Here’s where you come in: Browse through the photos and re-pin the sandwich you like best. You can also pin your own sandwich (either homemade or from your favorite restaurant) and include the tag #BestThingOnSlicedBread. Each re-pin serves as a vote for that sandwich as the best of the group. Next week we’ll tally the repins and let you know which ‘wich made the top cut.

Vote For Your Favorite Sandwich

  1. Go to the Best Thing on Sliced Bread Pinterest board
  2. Re-pin from the sandwiches there or add your own to the mix
  3. Spread the word and help your sandwich be crowned the Best Thing on Sliced Bread
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Roast Beef Po’ Boys

Roast Beef Po' Boy

I hopped in a car last year with my boyfriend for a cross-country drive from Los Angeles to Atlanta. If you know me, you know the only reason I could ever last in a car that long is the promise of food.

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Sunday Funday Football Fare

It’s a big weekend for football fans, especially for those in New York, Pittsburgh, Chicago and Green Bay. The Jets and Steelers face off in the AFC Championship, while the Bears and Packers battle it out for the NFC title — the winners, of course, get a ticket to the Super Bowl on February 6.

Both matchups will take place this Sunday, so a hearty game-day spread is in order as you settle in on the couch for a double-header. Even if your team got knocked out already, get into the spirit and give your football-watching snacks some regional inspiration.

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