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Fall Fest: Easy Pumpkin Cream Sauce

Keep your carving pumpkins for Halloween while you turn sugar pumpkins, a petite and sweet variety, into a creamy pasta sauce. They’re easy to slice open and roast (save the seeds for snacking) and can be used to blend into sauces, sliced up and served with other roasted vegetables or turned into homemade pumpkin puree. The puree of 1 small sugar pumpkin should work out to equal one 15-ounce can.

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Dinner Rush! Sweet and Sticky Pork Chops

I’ve seen lots of savory jams popping up in food magazines and blogs lately. As the name would imply, chefs lately have taken a liking to making jams flavored with savory ingredients like mustard seeds, bay leaves, tomatoes, onions or  — everyone’s favorite flavoring agent  — bacon.

The sauce served with this week’s Dinner Rush! is a riff on this idea. While not going through the whole process a professional chef might, we’re achieving the same effect  — blending sweet and savory into a deliciously balanced sauce that’s great to serve with grilled meats, or even a cheese plate should you have leftovers.

I went with a BBQ-Thai fusion for this particular recipe, bringing in chili powder, fish sauce and lime. Experiment and use what you like; just be mindful that the more the syrup cooks the thicker it’s going to get, which will eventually mean a panful of rock candy. If the sauce gets too thick, add a splash more chicken stock to bring it back to a pourable consistency.

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