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Dinner Rush! Grilled Shrimp and Greek Bread Cheese

So there I am, minding my own business, scanning over the hundred-and-some-odd cheeses that populate my favorite local market’s cold case. The usual suspects are there in force: cheddar varieties for days, countless Camemberts, some funky monkey “pistachio-infused” wedge in coordinating green. And then I spot bread cheese.

What, what? Bread cheese? I mean, I’ve done bread + cheese, but ne’er without the two entering into our engagement as initially separate entities. Rick, the archetypal cheese man in his cute tweed derby cap, likens it to a grilling cheese. “The flavor is pretty mild,” he tells me, “like a halloumi but not as salty. People buy it up like crazy and eat it for breakfast and dessert. I guess you could use it as a savory snack, too. That would be good.” In the basket it goes.

Juustoleipa, as the Finnish call their native creation, translates to “cheese bread.” The idea is that this cheese is made and then baked, giving it a beautiful signature golden-brown surface appearance. To serve it, the Finnish recommend warming it in a microwave or an oven to soften the center. They’re wicked fancy and traditionally make theirs with reindeer milk, but we mostly get cow’s milk varieties in the U.S. Echoing Rick’s comment, it’s usually served as a breakfast or dessert item smothered in preserves or honey and nuts, but I’ve got other plans.

Combining some Greek salad-inspired flavors of tomato, olive, cucumber and oregano, this surprisingly filling meal offers a fun bit of something different from the typical pasta/rice/polenta portion of dinner. It’s got a great chewy (some say “squeaky”) texture that’s just as satisfying as any traditional carbohydrate. Give it a whirl, and leave me a comment below or on Facebook and let me know what you did with it!

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The Ultimate Seafood Road Trip

Ben Sergeant Hook, Line & Dinner

Ben is ready for a whole new season of extreme seafood adventures.

Ben Sargent lives for seafood. He’s a fisherman, restaurateur, chef and overall seafood fanatic who’s ready to take you on another amazing adventure: Season two of Hook, Line & Dinner premieres tonight at 8pm on Cooking Channel.

This season, Ben continues his cross-country seafood road trip on his tricked-out motorcycle (which you should totally check out here) in pursuit of the very best local sea-foodies, the freshest fish and the most delicious ways to prepare it. Beginning tonight, Ben’s travels will take him coast to coast, on a bigger, better-than-ever, seafood-packed motorcyle tour of the continent.

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Seafood Dinners Aboard the Historic Mary A. Whalen

I had an unforgettable dining experience last weekend aboard the Mary A. Whalen, a retired tanker docked off the Brooklyn waterfront neighbordhood of Red Hook.

It was a perfect summer dinner party, dining atop the deck of a historic coastal oil tanker with salty smells of the seawater and the taste of fresh seafood.

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A Whole Season of Hook, Line & Dinner

Ben Sargent from Cooking Channel's Hook, Line and Dinner

Seafood lover, chef, restaurateur and artist Ben Sargent takes on a new gig as host of Cooking Channel's Hook, Line and Dinner, premiering June 7th.

Obsessed seafoodie Ben Sargent returns to Cooking Channel a whole season of Hook, Line & Dinner! Sargent will be setting out on the ultimate coastal road trip as he searches for the best clam shacks, lobster pounds and chowder pots serving up the freshest seafood in New England.

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Spicy Seafood Guacamole

This guacamole is alive with heat and salt, because instead of simply tossing chopped onions, cilantro, and chiles into fresh avocado, I mash them up with a generous sprinkle of salt into an intensely flavored, bright green paste.

Only afterward do I scoop out pieces of perfectly ripe avocado and bring it all together into this superb guacamole.

The result is a bit like salad, perfectly dressed in vinaigrette: Every creamy piece of avocado gets coated with the paste, so every bite starts with a pop of flavor, heat, salt and herbs, and ends with the mellow, buttery flesh of the fruit.

It’s sensational, but add a little crab and shrimp marinated in orange juice and chipotle and you have a modern version worthy of the most elegant restaurant, but simple enough for a weeknight dinner at home.

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Octopus Is Not Quite Kosher

Gabriele Corcos cooking octopus.

I am an unlikely person to share with you a delicious recipe for cooking octopus. You see—in case you missed an important detail about my culinary upbringing—I grew up in a Kosher home!

My father is Jewish, and needless to say, his personality truly reflects his heritage and upbringing. A surgeon, my father Leonardo is strong, opinionated, heavy at times, and always Kosher. For me, as a kid growing up in Tuscany of all places, keeping kosher was kind of a problem: “What, no Prosciutto Sandwich allowed? Ever?

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Untrapped: The Anti-Tourist’s Guide to Venice with Jamie Oliver

Even though it's his first trip to Venice, Jamie Oliver seeks out what the locals eat.

The canals, the singing gondoliers, the crowds of pigeons and tourists in Piazza San Marco. These are the iconic images of Venice that you’ll see on all the postcards. But if you, like Jamie Oliver, center your trips around culinary exploration, the highlights of this romantic Italian city include spaghetti alle vongole, cuttlefish, fresh peach bellinis and tiramisu.

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Sifted: Father’s Day Watch 2010

Seafood Risotto -- Wrightfood

Saffron Seafood Risotto -- Wrightfood

Linkage we’re liking:

What do you have in the works for your dad?

Need a menu? David Rocco’s Bistecca Fiorentina Steak Dinner

Pix Potluck – Cinco de Mayo Ceviche

Cinco de Mayo Ceviche by FB'er, Alex Lopez

Cinco de Mayo Ceviche by FB'er, Alex Lopez

Seeking a lighter, fresher chaser for your margaritas on Cinco de Mayo? Food person, Alex Lopez shared a great pic for inspiration on Facebook

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