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Sifted: Revamped Banana Pancakes, S’mores Icebox Cake + More

Banana Pancakes with Peanut Butter Syrup by Forks Knives and Spades

5 Hot Links We’re Loving

  1. Forks Knives and Spades makes banana pancakes even more delectable with peanut butter syrup.
  2. Enjoy Food Fashion Party’s garlic Sriracha bread knots at the dinner table or parked on the couch with an ice cold beer. Either way is fantastic.
  3. Beware — one look at this s’mores icebox cake on Foodbeast will have you daydreaming incessantly about marshmallows. So make it ASAP.
  4. The deliciousness is all in the details. Blogging Over Thyme adds goat cheese to her homemade gnocchi and uses roasted tomatoes in the sauce.
  5. If you like a good pimento dip, Evil Shenanigan’s pimento beer cheese pie bites will blow your mind.

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Cooking Channel Fans Ben and Jerry’s Flavor Wish List

Ben and Jerry's Schweddy Balls

Remember the old Saturday Night Live skit with Alex Baldwin, the one where he’s a baker named Pete Schweddy and he’s on national public radio? Ben & Jerry’s certainly does. A few weeks ago, ice cream sir-mix-a-lots Ben & Jerry’s released a new, fun and kind of naughty flavor. And it’s appropriately (or no so appropriately?) called Schweddy Balls.

The new flavor features vanilla ice cream, hints of rum and loads of fudge and rum-covered malt balls. Sounds pretty great, right? But what if you (yes, you) could create your own wacky ice cream flavor? We posed the question to Cooking Channel fans and fielded a Vermonster’s worth of answers. Some we’re hoping make it onto the B&J roster, while others… well, let’s just say we aren’t exactly lining up to try them.

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