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By the Book: The Food of Spain

Bell Peppers Stuffed with Rice in Tomato Sauce

From Valencia: Bell peppers stuffed with saffron-flavored rice are baked in homemade tomato sauce.

The Food of Spain

Years ago, I spent a few months in Madrid working as a culinary intern in an upscale restaurant. I intended to learn as much as I could about Spanish food and cooking, but of course spent most of my time chopping and peeling, observing and eating. I didn’t end up coming home with a single recorded recipe.

Flipping through The Food of Spain, I was transported back to that hectic Madrid kitchen — chopping garlic, roasting and peeling peppers, blanching and peeling tomatoes, cleaning shrimp. And now, finally, in this cookbook I found the key to re-creating all the familiar dishes I encountered there, from potato omelets and paella to more obscure finds I can’t wait to try, all delivered with invaluable context.

The Food of Spain is for food lovers who appreciate a cookbook that’s equally as valuable on the nightstand for curling up with a good read, as it is in the kitchen when you’re ready to get cooking. James Beard Award-winning author Claudia Roden, best known for the classic A Book of Middle Eastern Food, is a master at putting food into cultural and historical context. The first 121 pages of The Food of Spain delve into the country’s food history, focusing on ingredients, dishes and regions. Recipe subheads and headnotes contribute a wealth of information about the region of Spain the dishes are from as well as Claudia’s personal experiences discovering and cooking them.

Start cooking from with these favorites from the book:

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Untrapped: Paella and Pork in Andalucia With Jamie Oliver

In Andalucia, Jamie's cooking up a pan of paella...for 500 people.

On Jamie’s Food Escapes, world-traveler Jamie Oliver uncovers the culinary specialties of gorgeous corners of the globe. Tonight, he’s onto his next location: Andalucia, a region of southern Spain. This means tapas, paella, and pig prepared every possible way. And that’s only scratching the surface.

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Kelsey’s Travel Tips for Food People

Kelsey digs into some helado (ice cream) on her recent trip to Spain.

My husband and I like to plan a big trip that we can look forward to every year. This year our destination was Spain and the country did not disappoint! We ate our way though Granada, Sevilla, and Barcelona. We embraced the sprit of tapas bars and small plates and ate more seafood than we ever thought that we could possibly consume. We also seemed to justify eating churros y chocolate quite frequently. Some of our best memories were centered around the experiences we had with food in Spain. It was a very tasty trip!

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