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Surveying Singaporean Street Food

Pork Satay with Peanut Sauce. Photo: Roberto Ferdman

It’s no secret that street food is having a moment here in the States. Food carts and specialty trucks now serve some of the most sought-after foods in major cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin and New York. Sidewalks have become the new sit-down restaurants, and lines often run not one, but two city blocks. But what’s become a novelty on our side of the Atlantic has been a staple of Asian cuisine for centuries. And in Singapore, some of the country’s best food can be found while walking its streets.

In an ode to Singapore’s rich culinary history and unique street food scene, 10 Singaporean chefs have been traveling the world and preparing traditional Singaporean cuisine out of a pop-up mobile kitchen. Set to span 4 continents, and 9 countries, the Singapore Takeout truck made its way to New York City this past week. Were we about to pass up an opportunity to try the famous street food fare? I think not.

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