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Sifted: Deep-Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie, Lemonade Cake + More

Deep dish chocolate chip cookie from A Pinch of Yum

5 Hot Links We’re Loving:

1. Shelve your baking sheets — A Pinch of Yum layers caramel, sea salt and cocoa-studded dough in a cast iron skillet to form this giant, gooey chocolate chip cookie of our dreams.

2. Usher in the first day of spring with Not Quite Nigella’s cheerful lemonade cake, filled with alternating layers of bright curd and fluffy whipped cream.

3. If you love kung pao chicken, try the Sichuan wok-fried chicken from Appetite for China, a smokier and spicier rendition of the takeout standby.

4. Half Baked Harvest takes all the elements of our favorite campfire treat — chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows — and repackages them into these beautifully torched s’mores cakes.

5. Upgrade your next bowl of noodles with Pickled Plum’s speedy instant ramen hack. Toss out the powdered flavor pack and whip up a fragrant soup base with chicken broth, miso paste and a dash of sake.

Craving More?

  • Indulge in 13 mouthwatering spins on the classic chocolate chip cookie.
  • Set your taste buds on fire with Cooking Channel’s spiciest dishes, featuring flavorful recipes using cayenne, chipotle and chile peppers.
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Hot Stuff, Comin’ Through: Pickled Jalapenos

Guilty confession: Despite my nearly fanatical devotion to all things DIY food, there are a handful of store-bought canned goods that I have a soft spot for. I still occasionally enjoy those bland, waxy black olives, for example. You know, the kind you used to stick on your fingers when you were a kid. (Or maybe you still do that. Don’t let me cramp your style.)

I also love pickled jalapenos. They’re an absolute necessity for all things Mexican, most especially nachos, and I all too often find myself simply plucking them out of the jar and eating them right off the fork. I’m a glutton for punishment that way.

But, hey, when the peppers are popping, there’s no reason not to can a bunch of your own. It’s easy, they’re tasty, and you can tinker a bit with the seasoning to suit your tastes. For example, a touch of honey or sugar helps temper the natural fire of the chiles’ capsaicin while allowing the natural sweetness of the pepper to shine through. Or, leave it out for the full-force burn. (Again, don’t let me cramp your style.)

Pro tip: Be sure to wear latex or plastic gloves while handling hot peppers. If you don’t, there is approximately 100-percent chance you will promptly touch your eyes (or other mucous membranes, ahem). Trust me, it’s not a pleasant experience.

Pickled Jalapenos Recipe

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Someone Put Sriracha in My Shake and It Wasn’t a Mistake (A Review)

Sriracha, that red Asian-inspired hot chili sauce whose green-capped squeeze bottle with a rooster printed on it, is more than just a means of spicing up a dish — Asian or otherwise. Like bacon, this iconic hot sauce has garnered praise from all over the culinary spectrum, and it has been elevated to having cult status by the power of Internet-fueled fandom. But can the popularity of Sriracha go too far? I mean, would you put Sriracha hot chili sauce on your sweet and creamy milkshake?

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Nadia G. Lands Spot on Maxim’s Hot 100 List

Nadia G. Maxim Hot 100 List

Don't melt the ice!

Today, Cooking Channel star Nadia G. achieved new levels of hotness, earning her spot on Maxim’s 2012 Hot 100 List. The Hot 100 includes the world’s hottest models, actresses, singers and bitchin’ bad-girl chefs; Nadia is in the good company of Pippa Middleton, Nicki Minaj, Jessica Biel, and Katy Perry.

But Nadia G. has always been on our hot list.

While we can all agree that Nadia is officially hot, her recipes (and friends) are pretty smokin’ too.

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Meatless Monday: Chiles Rellenos With Cherry Tomato Salsa

chiles rellenos

Chiles rellenos, stuffed with goat cheese and herbs: Serve with a big pitcher of sangria or margaritas.

Meatless Monday is a global movement, a way of life. It’s not a campaign to turn everyone in the world vegetarian or vegan; in fact, many involved are meat-lovers. Eating less meat has been proven to reduce the risk of disease, curb obesity and has important environmental impacts, too. Will you join us in giving up meat, just for one day a week?

Cinco de Mayo can be a slippery slope for vegetarians. I’ve been to many a fiesta where the margaritas and chips and salsa were the only vegetarian options. Margaritas for dinner always seems like a good idea, until the next morning when your head is pounding and you can’t find your shoes.

Luckily, Mexican fare is easy to make meatless (though if you’re at a restaurant, ask about the refried beans; sometimes they’re made with lard). Bean burritos, veggie enchiladas, Mexican lasagna made with beans and corn, portobello tacos — you don’t have to starve if you’re skipping the carne.

One of my favorite Mexican-restaurant meals is chiles rellenos, but I try not to order them too frequently because they’re not only stuffed with cheese, but deep-fried. (Paired with a coupla’ margaritas and a basket of free chips and you’ve got a meal that has about a billion calories.) But chiles rellenos don’t have to be deep-fried, and they’re super easy to make at home. Think about it: they’re basically just stuffed peppers, made with chiles instead of bell peppers.

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Taste the Caribbean with Chef Gavin Kearney

Chef Gavin

With long hair, groovy Rastafarian hats and his laid back Caribbean vibe, Chef Gavin Kearney knows how to play it cool.  But when he’s hired to cater a homecoming bash for locals Colin and Barbara Reeve and their daughter Tammi, it’s time to turn up the heat. To find inspiration, Gavin travels all over his native St. Thomas, learning from organic farms, legendary Frenchtown fish markets, one-woman “Frenchie” style bakeries, and a luxury restaurant on a historical sugar mill plantation. Showcasing everything he learned along the way, Chef Gavin brings his new culinary tools to the table of the extravagant dinner at the Reeve’s Villa, exceeding even Tammi’s lofty expectations.

Don’t miss out on Chef Gavin’s island adventures and exotic recipes today at 1:30pm ET on Caribbean Vibes with Chef Gavin.

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Can’t Beat the Heat? Eat It!

Chile peppers are a common heat source in spicy foods—but eat them raw with caution.

As blistering-red heat advisories flash across our TV screens, the question of how to cool down during a high heat index becomes all-consuming. Air conditioning and water immersion aside, we’re advised by wide-eyed medical experts to drink lots of water, stay in the shade and dress smartly. But here at Cooking Channel, we prefer to remedy our woes with food (and drink), so we turn to the kitchen for cues on staying cool as cukes.

While a good frozen drink or dessert will give your esophagus goosebumps, there are only so many icy, slushy treats you can down before spiking your blood-sugar-level through the roof. Instead, reach for some chiles, red pepper flakes or wasabi, and plan to heat up your body with some solid, spicy food.

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