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Dinner Rush! Steak House Chopped Salad

We’re keeping the math pretty simple this week, folks. I am such a sucker for a classic, stuffy, old-fashioned iceberg wedge salad with blue cheese dressing, and a big ol’ steak dinner also happens to make me weak in the knees. What happens when we put these two wondrous creations together? BOOM! Steak House Chopped Salad night, baby!

Blue cheese dressing can do no wrong, in my eyes. It’s such a nostalgic thing for me, bringing me back to my days working on the cold prep station at my first-ever restaurant job (it was the house’s most-popular dressing). My husband, however, is not the biggest blue cheese advocate in all the land. If he had his way, we’d be enjoying a nice sharp cheddar — and a delicious salad dressing that does not make. In our house, we met in the middle with a Danish-style mild blue, but feel free to crank it up with something more pungent — like a Stilton or Roquefort — if you prefer.

As you probably already gleaned from the picture, a few key players of the quintessential steak dinner lineup are missing: namely the baked potato and heaping pile of creamed spinach. To make up for their absence — and still leave us feeling satisfied at the end of the meal — I’ve subbed in crunchy radishes, creamy avocado and sweet grape tomatoes. As always, feel free to swap out whatever vegetables you like, just keep those textures and taste sensations in mind.

All we’re missing is a hearty glass of red wine to wash it all down. Was that the sound of a popping cork I just heard?

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