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Summer Soiree: 5 Booze-Free Picnic Sips

Summer is a good time to be thirsty. There are chilled glasses of iced tea and lemonade to be had — often flavored with in-season fruit — not to mention slushies, milkshakes and smoothies. Grab a pitcher and some ice (plus our recipes below) for these good-for-all-ages refreshers.

1. Muddled Lemonberryade (pictured above)
Borrow a trick from professional bartenders and muddle an array of berries and mint to get the most summer flavor in this bright, colorful sparkling lemonade. Once you’ve mastered the technique, try swapping in different berries and herbs like basil or lavender.

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One Lemonade Base, Three Recipes

You just can’t beat a big, cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. I’m a lemon lover, so this classic refreshing drink is right up my alley. I made lemonade the old-fashioned way for years by concocting a simple syrup (boiling sugar and water together until it dissolves and then letting it cool), but the past few summers I’ve been cheating (or being lazy, whatever you want to call it) and making this drink an even easier way. The result? Fresh-squeezed lemonade that comes together more quickly, with no chilling time. The key is to use superfine sugar. At the beginning of each summer, I now buy a big bag, which I dedicate to fulfilling my lemonade cravings during the hot summer months. This recipe is embarrassingly simple, and I often adjust the amount of sugar I use simply based on how much sweetness I’m craving that day. It’s very unscientific and easy to remember. The best part is that it’s a wonderful base recipe or ratio for other variations. Below are three of my favorite lemonade variations, which I’ve been making all summer long.

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Healthiest Summer Drinks

Long, hot summer days and warm summer nights call out for refreshing drinks. Summer opens up a new world of cold drinks, but not all of them are great for you (more on that next week). Today, check out the best summer drinks for your health.

Iced tea: You’ve heard that tea is a healthy beverage (many varieties have antioxidants, which help ward off disease), and iced tea is no exception. Try iced green, mint and hibiscus teas for extra health benefits, and make it yourself or buy it from a coffee shop — the antioxidants in those bottled varieties are less than those in freshly brewed, plus the bottled kind has tons of added sugar.

White sangria: This wine-based drink gives you an added bonus of fruit, which puts it into my list of healthiest beverages. Look for a recipe with lots of fruit and no added sugar. Chuck Hughes’ White Sangria fits the bill.

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Two-Ingredient Summer Cocktails

Cocktail Recipes

Pop quiz: During summertime, the living should be:

a) complicated
b) a pain in the ass
c) easy

If you answered c) you are correct!

To make the living as easy as possible, here are some cocktail options that are delicious and have just two ingredients. That’s right: two ingredients. And if two ingredients is too complicated, simply drink from the bottle and then please call a friend and tell them that your life is unraveling.

Here we go:

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A Cocktail: Your Crucial Ingredient to Summer Entertaining

You really can’t beat entertaining in the summertime.  It’s not fussy or complicated like having people over for the holidays or Thanksgiving — everyone just piles into the back yard, breaks open a beer and snacks on yummy side dishes while you get your grill on.

A missed opportunity is often in the cocktail arena. Never underestimate how easy it is to impress your guests by handing them a frosty, alcoholic beverage the moment they arrive with the potato salad. Make up a batch of something delicious ahead of time — like Chuck’s Tequila Lemonade (above) — and all you have to do is pour and garnish.

Here are my picks for the hottest cocktails this summer:

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