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A Truly Kick-Ass Hero

If there’s any take-away from Kick-Ass 2, it’s never to underestimate things that come in small packages. In honor of the movie and its pint-sized superheroes, Cooking Channel brings you the Kickin’ Meatball Parmigiana with Diavolo Sauce. The meatballs on this hero may seem unassuming, but inside they are bursting with flavor. From the beef/pork blend in the ball itself, to the secret weapon hidden in the center, smoked mozzarella cheese, this sandwich is sure to save the day (or night) at your next family meal! Don’t forget the red pepper-infused spicy diavolo sauce for a kick even Hit-Girl would envy.

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Superheroes’ Favorite Foods

With the recent release of Iron Man 3, summer movie season is already upon us. Even more comic book movies will be rushing to theaters soon, including Man of Steel this weekend and The Wolverine. While you are gorging on popcorn and enjoying these flicks, take a moment to think about what your favorite costumed superheroes like to devour. Here are some superheroes’ favorite foods.

Bonus: Cooking Channel crafted some supersized sandwiches, inspired by this summer’s big blockbuster movies.
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