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The World’s Most Creative Sushi Creations

It’s hotter than a lambswool sweater outside, so our palates don’t have room for hearty stews and the like. Nowadays, we lean toward lighter fare like salads or sushi. Speaking of sushi, what raw fish lacks in warmth, it more than makes up for in creative spectacle. Here are some of the coolest sushi creations of all time.

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Sushi Restaurant Puts Brood II Cicadas on the Menu

Grab some high-quality ear plugs: the cicadas are coming. This spring, billions of these noisy insects will be emerging from the ground to annoy the living pants out of us. This collosal invation happens once every 17 years — the result of their lengthy gestation cycle — and this year’s influx is known as Brood II. You know what that means. Let’s eat ‘em!

Wait… what? You heard that right. A New Haven, Connecticut restaurant called Miya’s Sushi will be putting the soon-to-be-plentiful ingredient all over their menu. This is no marketing gimmick, however. The restaurant’s owner, Bun Lai, has stated that he prefers eating bugs to meat and Miya’s Sushi already features several grasshopper dishes.

So while our ear drums and gross-out muscles are getting an extra work-out, at least we can bask in the knowledge that we won’t go hungry. There will literally be billions of tasty morsels flying all around us. Yum.

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Sifted: Secret to Perfect Roast Chicken + Sushi Cologne

Bundt Pan Roasted Chicken by Iowa Girl Eats
5 Hot Links We’re Loving:

  1. Iowa Girl Eats’ secret to a perfectly roasted chicken: a bundt pan.  What’s your favorite kitchen hack?
  2. German chocolate thumbprints combine all the devilishly rich flavors of the cake in cookie form, making it easier to eat and make. 3 Pastries a Day, we are sold.
  3. Have you heard of Dorie Greenspan’s Swedish Visiting Cake? Une Gamine Dans La Cuisine shows just how simple it is to prepare.
  4. Tomatoes this time of year are usually less than optimal, but you can still get tasty results by roasting them long and slow in the oven. Give it a shot with Café Fernando’s tomato confit pesto sandwich.
  5. Use or Lose: Sushi cologne? We’re thinking even the biggest sushi enthusiasts might be turned off by this one.

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United Tastes of America: Season 2 Premieres Tonight

Jeffrey Saad of United Tastes of America

Jeffrey sits down with Chef Akira Back to try a spicy tuna roll at Yellowtail Restaurant at the Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Jeffrey Saad returns to Cooking Channel to continue his hunt for the foods that unite America. In season one of United Tastes of America, Jeffrey tracked down the back stories on all-American  classics, like burgers, pizza and hot dogs. In season two, he goes further. In addition to the all-American favorites, he also explores dishes that were created and popularized on other shores but have been embraced by Americans.

Like tonight, when he kicks it all off with a look at sushi.

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