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Farmstand App Takes the Guesswork Out of Going to the Farmer’s Market

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We all love farmer’s markets, but there is nothing is worse than piling the kids into the minivan, heading toward your nearest farmer’s market and finding out that it is closed. OK, a great many things are worse than that but it is still annoying.

Your solution is here, in the form of a handy and dandy iOS app. The app, named Farmstand, keeps track of when your local farmer’s market is open so you don’t have to. Just boot it up and the app uses GPS to locate your nearest market. It pulls up a whole host of information about it, including hours of operation and what specials they are offering. There is even a social element that lets you trade exciting farmer’s market anecdotes with friends. There is nothing more exciting than an anecdote about a farmer’s market.

The app is free and, for now, is only available for Apple devices. We’ll let you know when an Android version drops.

Is This the World’s Best Fridge?

World's Best Fridge

The world of high-tech refrigerators has grown in leaps in recent years. There are fridges that send tweets, fridges that squeeze inside of drawers and even fridges that are completely transparent.  Until now, there hasn’t been a gigantic mega-fridge that has a coffee maker, steam oven and HDTV attached.

Italian appliance maker Meneghini Arredamenti has lovingly created this chilly beast, naming it La Cambusa (“the galley” in Italian.) The aforementioned features are only the beginning. It also comes with a microwave, temperature controlled pantry, ice maker and even more. It’s the Swiss Army Knife of fridges. The whole thing is also completely customizable as you see fit. Sick of coffee? Remove that section. Think of it as your very own real-life game of Tetris, only filled with ice cream and bottled water.

A fridge that includes literally everything but the kitchen sink will set you back a few golden ice trays, though. La Cambusa clocks in an extremely frigid $41,500. That is a whole lot of half-eaten tubs of hummus.

Cows in Heat Now Sending Text Messages

Photo: Daniel Auf Der Mauer for The New York Times

A group of Swiss professors have invented a device that checks whether or not a cow is in heat. It involves a body heat-measuring sensor that gets implanted in the genitals of the cow. When the sensor triggers (the recognition rate is about 90 percent), the farmer gets a text message so he or she can help bring the world more calves. A single device costs about $1,400, but modern practices to increase milk production have made cows increasingly display fewer signs of being in heat, so it may be cost effective.

Get the full story on The New York Times.

3:8)   <– cow emoticon

Hump Day Snack: A Machine That Shoots Popcorn at Your Mouth

The Jetsons and Back to The Future Part II predicted all sorts of food innovations, from synthesizers that could produce full meals at the push of a few buttons to rehydrators that could take tiny pizzas and turn them into much larger pizzas. While these visions remain unfulfilled, there is something equally impressive afoot in the world of technologically enhanced eating: The Popinator.

The Popinator is a machine that will shoot a piece of popcorn at anyone in the room who says “pop.” 

Prepare to have your kernel blown:

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