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Party in Five: Modern, Rustic Thanksgiving Dinner

In our humble opinion, Thanksgiving is superior to any other day of the year. In an effort to make this year’s feast the best of all time (sorry, Pilgrims and Wampanoag tribe), we’re bringing you the recipes, how-tos and decorating ideas to help you become a Turkey Day pro.

We here at Cooking Channel love a good party. But throwing a memorable event requires more than just gathering some food and drinks. We show you how, with just five main “ingredients” (including recipes, big-impact decorating ideas and easy DIY elements), you can throw a party that feels like it has a cohesive theme — minimal work required.

Savoring a good meal in good company. Being together with friends and loved ones. Taking time out of our sometimes-too-busy lives to practice gratitude. These are the traditions that make Thanksgiving one of my very favorite holidays, and they remain my focus when I’m planning this very special November meal. That said, I’m not afraid to break with tradition when it comes to the menu and decor. This year, with a 1-year-old and a growing business, I feel like simplifying and getting real about what I want to eat during the holidays. I created a simple, modern tabletop and a menu that reflects my personal tastes. The simple but visual gingham-and-wheat pairing sets the stage for a lighter, fresher take on the Thanksgiving meal. But don’t worry — dessert’s still on the menu!

To create this modern Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll need five essential ingredients:

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Don’t Forget to Decorate: Thanksgiving Table Ideas

By now, you’ve tallied the guest list, plotted your Thanksgiving menu and are seeking inspiration for some extra side dishes and desserts. When next week rolls around — all that planning behind you and a job well done — don’t let your dishes fall flat on an unadorned table. Giving your dining room (or den-turned-dining space) a fresh Thanksgiving feel doesn’t have to be that difficult — or costly.

First: Assess your style. If your home features minimalist furniture and a monochromatic color scheme, you’re not likely going to throw a cornucopia in the center of your table. We have Thanksgiving table decorating plans for three distinct environments: Rustic, Modern and Traditional.

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Everything You Need to Ace Thanksgiving

The countdown has begun: Thanksgiving is officially two weeks away. If the thought of the impending feast has you freaked out — fret not — we have a week-by-week, day-by-day countdown guide, plus all the recipes, cooking how-tos, decorating ideas and entertaining tips you’ll need to be the consummate holiday host. So take a deep breath and get started with these six tasks; you’ll be sitting as pretty as pumpkin pie come Thanksgiving week.

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