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Everything You Need to Ace Thanksgiving

The countdown has begun: Thanksgiving is officially two weeks away. If the thought of the impending feast has you freaked out — fret not — we have a week-by-week, day-by-day countdown guide, plus all the recipes, cooking how-tos, decorating ideas and entertaining tips you’ll need to be the consummate holiday host. So take a deep breath and get started with these six tasks; you’ll be sitting as pretty as pumpkin pie come Thanksgiving week.

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Thanksgiving: The Final Countdown

Whether you’ve been planning the feast for weeks or have been roped into hosting at the last minute, the final 24 hours of preparation are crucial towards a successful (and relaxed!) Thanksgiving meal. If you’re stumped by cooking techniques or simply staring at a pile of ingredients, Cooking Channel is here to simplify your final countdown. We’ve got last-minute turkey tips (brining blues? carving questions?), recipes for sensational side dishes, and of course, the perfect pies to round out your dessert buffet.

It Begins With the Brine
Infusing your bird with moisture and varied flavors is as simple as soaking it for 6 to 10 hours in a brine. Get Alton Brown’s simple brine recipe and watch his video on how to brine. (Don’t have some of the spices Alton uses? No problem — the salted, sugared water will make a huge difference.)

Top Turkey Recipes
Take your turkey to the next level with brines that incorporate fragrant herbs or by topping it with cured meats.
Bay and Lemon Brined Turkey 
Tyler’s Maple-Roasted Turkey with Smoked Bacon
Nigella’s Spiced and Super-Juicy Roast Turkey
Aida’s Apple and Sage Turkey

Visit our turkey central to get more great tips and recipes, including a step-by-step guide on how to carve the turkey and more videos demonstrating turkey cooking techniques.

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Inspired by Fall Favorites

My Cakies Thanksgiving Inspiration Board

When planning the same holiday year after year, how do you keep your celebration fresh and interesting while maintaining a sense of tradition? We asked our favorite bloggers and food people to share what’s inspiring their Thanksgiving planning this year. From ancestor’s recipes and falling leaves, to beautiful piles of ingredients and thoughtful home decor, there was no shortage of imagination. See what motivates some of the most creative minds we know, and then start planning your annual feast.

Thanksgiving happens during my most favorite time of year: autumn. During this marvelous season, I envision lots of cuddling, comfy cardigans, leaves changing and falling, cool evenings and winter squash-infused foods; I get a warm feeling just anticipating it all.

This Thanksgiving will be extra special because we will have the blessing of our newest little one joining us. But then again, every Thanksgiving is extraordinary because there are so many blessings to be thankful for all year round. My dream this Thanksgiving is for a simple turkey with all the traditional fixings and some yummy homemade pumpkin pie with extra whipped cream. Of course, instead of regular mashed potatoes, we opt for cauliflower mashed potatoes — yum!!! Being so busy with four little ones, simple is the best way to go. Nothing fancy, just some delectable food (cooked in the healthiest way possible) and loads of being together.

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