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Thanksgiving Leftovers Made Fresh Again

Here are some clever ways to share the Thanksgiving bounty with your departing guests.

The Great Digestion: How Not to Overeat on Thanksgiving

Here are some of Aarti Sequieira’s strategies to consider if you too want to avoid the dreaded loosening of the trouser button, all based in Indian tradition.

Thirsty Thursday: Easier Than Pie

In case you didn’t get enough pie for Thanksgiving, try consuming your pie in the form of a creamy, frothy shake.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Ultimate Guide to Eating Out On Thanksgiving

Here are some places to get grub on Thanksgiving day.

Help! Your Thanksgiving Disasters, Saved

If you find yourself with some unexpected surprises during Thanksgiving, turn to this fix-it-all cheat sheet.

Hosting Vegetarians at the Holidays

Here are five things to keep in mind when hosting vegetarian guests at the holidays.

Fall Fest: Thanksgiving Yam and Sweet Potato Sides That Are Almost Desserts

Here are five side dishes that get the sweet treatment.

Poached Pears: The Perfect Thanksgiving Dessert

Our poached pears recipe can be made days ahead, doesn’t require any oven space and is decadent with flavor, but light enough to follow your Thanksgiving feast.

Quick Thanksgiving Recipes for Last-Minute Preparation

Get some of our fastest and easiest recipes for Thanksgiving including sides, desserts and appetizeres.