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Top 5 Room Service Menus

Room Service at New York City's Dream Hotel.

Any vacation provides a multitude of dining options — but nothing beats a hot, fresh meal delivered (with white gloves) to your door, especially when it’s slathered in black truffles. Indulge your palate at one of these hotels for some of the best meals on wheels.

The Waldorf Astoria
Arguably New York City’s most iconic hotel, everything about the Waldorf Astoria is fancy – from the décor down to the white-glove service. The hotel was the first ever to offer room service after opening in 1931, and despite sky high prices (just a bagel will you cost you nearly $25), the food is nothing short of divine.

Oyster’s Menu Pick: Oscar’s Spicy Asian Chicken Salad. (Get the recipe below!)

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