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Your New TV Addiction: The Freshman Class is Back

On tonight’s Season 2 premiere of The Freshman Class, four students facing high-pressure personal struggles will fight tooth-and-nail against the intense, hands-on culinary program at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz in order to journey towards their dream career in the food industry. Gabriel is a former gang member trying to raise his baby son. Kim’s demanding husband thinks school will make her lose focus on his own selfish needs. Jim’s a high school dropout vet who lives out of his van.

With all things financial, personal and professional riding on their first semester, tensions will run high in and out of the kitchens. Turn on Cooking Channel tonight at 8pm ET to see what happens, then check out after the episode to get a Web-Only clip.

Bonus: Watch Season 1 of The Freshman Class in its entirety for free online.

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Confessions of a Culinary Student: How to Get the Crispiest Skin

Curious about cooking? High-pressure culinary school requires a lot of time and money. We asked present and former culinary students for their No. 1 “ah-ha!” moment or takeaway from class so you can benefit from what they learned — without enrolling.

Culinary Student: Jenny Bierman, Culinary Producer, Food Network Kitchens
School: Institute of Culinary Education, 2009

Confession: I love crispy skin on anything. The three things I learned for perfect crisp skin: Dry the skin, salt it well and place it skin-side down in a wicked-hot pan. For chicken, I put a cast-iron skillet on top of it so the all skin is pressed into the pan, making it crisp up fast! For fish, I take the skin off and crisp it up separately over high heat after the fish is cooked and removed. This way the fish doesn’t overcook and the skin gets almost a cracker-like consistency.

(**Psst: Want the above fried chicken recipe? It’s Chuck’s. Get it here.)

For more on the high-pressure ups and downs of culinary school, tune in to The Freshman Class every Monday at 10:30pm ET.

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Watch a Web-Only Deleted Scene from The Freshman Class

Does Jasmine have what it takes to fulfill her dreams of opening her own restaurant? Find out how Jasmine’s chef grandfather who feels about it in this web-exclusive clip:

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