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Total Recall: Foods That Enhance Your Memory

Total Recall: Foods That Enhance Your Memory

Total Recall, a remake of the 1990 movie of the same name (itself an adaptation of a Philip K. Dick story), slams into your local movie house today. Its plot is as convoluted as its production history, so we’ll save you 12 bucks by boiling it down to its real life repercussions. People who lose their memory sometimes pay companies to implant new memories. Then they find out their wives are secret agents, SWAT teams keep trying to kill them, and they no longer can tell what’s real or not. You don’t have to end up like the movie’s protagonist Doug Quaid. There are foods that can enhance your memory so you won’t have to deal with corporations and the insane chain of events they’ll insight. Food Network spoke with registered dietitian Toby Amidor about incorporating memory-boosting groceries into your diet. We’ve put together some deliciously mindful recipes you’ll remember to cook again and again. 

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