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Dinner Rush! Banh Mi Turkey Burgers

Banh Mi Turkey Burgers

Banh mi-style sandwiches seem to be popping up everywhere lately. While I love this — because I love a good banh mi — I’ve got one big bone to pick. Most of the ones I’ve had are simply not good.

Now, before the rotten fruit starts flying, just hear me out! There are a couple of key elements to the flavor profile of the banh mi that I feel many restaurants try to cheat out and cut corners on. It’s in that moment that bad sandwiches happen and days are ruined.

Sriracha Mayo
Nowhere near a feat of rocket science-level engineering, the combination of mayonnaise with Sriracha is a thing of sheer magic. It’s creamy, spicy and satisfying light-years beyond plain-old original mayo. Do your banh mi condiment a favor and give it some Sriracha lovin’.

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