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Tyler Capps Learns to Cook Comically

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Tyler Capps is not a professional chef. That is, he has no formal cooking training other than experimenting on his own in his small apartment kitchen. However, his blog, Cooking Comically, in which he cooks, photographs and creatively illustrates everyday recipes, has become an Internet sensation. A self-taught artist, Tyler is 28 years old and currently based in Asheville, N. C. After serving in the U.S. Navy for almost five years as a meteorologist, he was honorably discharged in 2007 and began work as a freelance graphic artist. He started Cooking Comically in 2011 after his photographic comic, “2AM Chili,” went viral on Reddit, a popular social news website.

We sat down with Tyler to chat about all things cooking, comics and what it is that makes his site so popular.

We also asked Tyler to give Cooking Channel the Cooking Comically treatment. So he recreated our Deep-Dish Pizza Recipe as a comic strip.

Check it out here

Where did the idea for the photographic recipe comics come from? 
I’ve been into photography since high school. I was a full-time student when this all started, and in a photography class, one of the assignments was food photography. The idea of a comic just landed on top of that.

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