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Dinner Rush! Banh Mi Turkey Burgers

Banh Mi Turkey Burgers

Banh mi-style sandwiches seem to be popping up everywhere lately. While I love this — because I love a good banh mi — I’ve got one big bone to pick. Most of the ones I’ve had are simply not good.

Now, before the rotten fruit starts flying, just hear me out! There are a couple of key elements to the flavor profile of the banh mi that I feel many restaurants try to cheat out and cut corners on. It’s in that moment that bad sandwiches happen and days are ruined.

Sriracha Mayo
Nowhere near a feat of rocket science-level engineering, the combination of mayonnaise with Sriracha is a thing of sheer magic. It’s creamy, spicy and satisfying light-years beyond plain-old original mayo. Do your banh mi condiment a favor and give it some Sriracha lovin’.

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Vietnamese Ice Coffee Reinvented as Panna Cotta

Ice Coffee Panna Cotta Recipe

This panna cotta is inspired by Vietnamese ice coffee, my favorite summer time drink. Take strong coffee, mix it with sweet condensed milk and pour over ice. I’ve taken those simple flavors and created an elegant, no-bake dessert. I like my panna cotta with as little gelatin as possible, just enough to keep it together. This version requires even less, because I leave it right in the glass.

Vietnamese Ice Coffee Panna Cotta
Makes 6 to 8
Prep time: 45 minutes
Refrigerator time: 2 hours
Skill: Easy, but several steps

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Vietnamese Cooking With Luke

Luke's Vietnam

Explore the food and culture of rural Sapa, Vietnam with Luke this Sunday.

Explore local Vietnamese cultures and cuisines with Luke Nguyen in the all-new second season of the spectacularly beautiful show, Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam (Sundays at 12:30pm ET). Today, Luke visits rural Sapa, where water buffalo plough the fields and it looks like time has stood still for 1,000 years. But what about the food? Surprisingly, dishes from this episode look like great party foods, perfect for a supper club or a Vietnamese-themed night in.

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Chicken Soup, Six Ways

Rachael's traditional chicken noodle soup = Big bowl of love

It’s that time of year again…technically still winter, but everyone’s itching for spring. Thanks to dreary days and random temperature fluctuations, the common cold runs rampant. Whether we’re sick or just bummed out, we all need a boost to get us through to the “lamb” part of March. The answer: Chicken Soup!

The ultimate bowl of steaming-hot comfort food shows up in some form in seemingly every culture and country. Nothing cures me like my grandmother’s old-school recipe for chicken soup with matzo balls — I’d eat this in the middle of the sweltering summer! — but I’m tempted to try a new twist on the classic. We picked six diverse versions from Cooking Channel chefs, starting with one for traditionalists, pictured above: Rachael’s Suped-Up Traditional Chicken Noodle Soup

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Luke’s Vietnam: 5 Things to Know


Chef, author, philanthropist, travel guide...does Luke Nguyen ever sleep?

Instead of filming in a studio or at his acclaimed Vietnamese restaurant in Australia, chef and host Luke Nguyen is taking us straight to the source on Luke’s Vietnam. He travels through the country, visiting family members and cooking and tasting the cuisine of his homeland…

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TV Dinner: Vietnamese Shrimp and Glass Noodle Salad

Vietnamese Shrimp and Glass Noodle Salad

Vietnamese Shrimp and Glass Noodle Salad

Need a dinner idea for tonight?  At 4pm ET, Nigella Lawson is whipping up a simple, sexy salad that should cement her title as Kitchen Goddess…

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