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Fall Appetizer: Pumpkin Gyoza

Fall is in the air and with pumpkins inspiring us everywhere we turn, we’re continually looking to create new pumpkin recipes. This is also the season of parties, which means making rock-star appetizers to feed our partying masses. A holiday party isn’t complete without a roster of appetizers that are not only delicious, but that also make it easy on the cooking and planning side.

Crispy warm gyozas are loved because they’re quick, satisfying bites and, most importantly, they can be made ahead of time. With a bit of planning, you can cook the gyozas ahead of time and just warm them up in the oven before serving. We’ve never had anyone turn down room-temperature gyozas before, so don’t worry if they sit out for a while. It’s guaranteed they’ll be gobbled up before you can get the next batch out of the warming oven.

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Five-Spice Green Beans

Five-Spice Green Beans Recipe

Cooking up Asian-themed recipes is a staple in our kitchen. There hardly goes a day when we don’t have a meal that has some type of Asian-inspired flavors and spices. These dishes are second nature to us; from the techniques to the ingredients, it all comes rather easy to us.

Unfortunately, we have friends who are so intimidated by Asian recipes that they would rather go out to eat than to even try cooking. Perhaps it’s the thought of exotic spices and ingredients that keeps them from whipping up even the simplest recipes. But it’s definitely understandable when there are recipes that require a long list of unfamiliar ingredients, spices and cooking tools.

One of our goals is to always create Asian recipes for the novice cook. Starting from a simple recipe, the cook can continue to be encouraged to pursue the more extensive Asian recipes. All it takes is some quality five-spice powder to make a simple green bean dish Asian-inspired.

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Get a Quick Sweet Fix: Apple Fries

Apple Fries

When autumn arrives, the farmers’ markets are brimming with apples of every variety. The excitement we get when we discover wonderful new apple varieties is like being kids in Candy Land.

With a plethora of fresh apples to eat, we’re still continually creating new recipes to enjoy them when they’re cooked. When apples are cooked to a soft texture, a little sprinkle of cinnamon transforms them into the perfect simple dessert.

Apple fries are another fun way to enjoy apples when you have an abundance. Quickly fried apples sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and powdered sugar are like fruit candy. The soft texture of the sweet apple and cinnamon fragrance make for a simple way to enjoy apples as a dessert.

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Low and Slow: Braised Pork Belly with Kabocha Squash

Braising is such a warm and comforting cooking method that it’s perfect for fall and winter. Few cuts of meats braise better than pork belly.

A long, low-heat braise yields an amazingly soft pork belly, the kind of pork belly that gives way under a mere gentle press of the fork. As it braises, the layers of fat slowly melt over the slabs of meat, leaving them tender and juicy.

After braising, give the pork belly another element of texture by quickly crisping up the outer layer on a hot pan. When taking a bite, that thin, crisp outer surface contrasted against the meltingly soft center is pure delight to the senses. This also will reheat the pork belly, enabling it to be braised long before serving time, and then quickly heated and crisped up when ready to serve.

The braised pork belly leaves behind such an amazing broth, it’s a shame to waste it. Take advantage of the incredible winter squash available and use the remaining braising liquid to cook up a hearty squash to serve with the pork belly.

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