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Wine Pairings for Christmas Dinner

No matter what you’re planning to make for Christmas dinner, it’s important to choose your wine carefully to enhance the flavors of your dish and ensure that the wine tastes optimal. We picked our top 10 Christmas main dish recipes and recommend varietals for each.

Giada’s Bracoile (Shown Above)
Braised beef with Pecorino, Provolone and marinara is an easy match for fruity Merlot.

Chuck’s Rib Roast With Mushroom Crust
Prime rib with Cabernet is a classic — and for good reason. An earthier Cabernet would match the wild mushroom crust; a more-tannic one would do well with the rich meat.

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Summer Wine and Food Pairings

Summer wine Pairings

It’s summer, which means it’s picnic season – and picnic season means it’s drinking-wine-outside season. Below, a couple classic summer dishes, along with our wine picks for each.

Corn Dog Wine Pairing

Pair corn dogs with Champagne because, well, why not?

The hot dog/bratwurst/sausage family presents a pairing conundrum. You can either pair wine with the meat itself – in which case, go with Merlot and call it a day – but it’s much more fun to pair with the toppings. Classic hot dog with ketchup? Merlot’s sweetness works nicely here. Bratwurst with onions and mustard? A buttery Chardonnay might work well with the sharp mustard and tangy onions. Italian sausage with peppers and onions? Cabernet or a higher-acid Italian red like Sangiovese would be great. Corn dog? Champagne. Just because.

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Cupcakes + Booze

Did you catch last night’s episode of Unique Eats? It was all about cupcakes! If you did tune in, you met Marlo Scott, the owner of Sweet Revenge. Sweet Revenge is New York City’s only cupcake tavern. Scott lists a pairing or either wine or beer for each cupcake on her menu. How does she decide what pairs best with her sweet treats? Scott shares her rationale for her pairings after the jump. Follow her tips and you’ll be able to create your own pairings at home.

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