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California Restaurant Plays Audio Clips of Bad Yelp Reviews in the Bathroom

Yelp. Consumers love it but restaurants have more of a love/hate relationship with it. Sure, it can help cement a good reputation and garner more business, but all it takes are a couple of bad reviews to do the exact opposite. One San Diego restaurant has decided to do something interesting with the negative reviews their Yelp page accrues.

Craft & Commerce, a gastropub, has decided to embrace their bad reviews by having them recorded by voice actors and then blasted via speakers throughout the bathroom. Now you can hear the comforting sound of sweet, sweet hate as you relieve yourself.

Yelp Adds Menu Link to Sway Undecided Eaters

Is there nothing better than sitting down at a restaurant, perusing the menu, getting a feel for the place and finally making a choice of what to eat based on personal intuition and cravings? Oh wait. That was before the Internet.  Yelp, your favorite website to complain about how rude that one waiter is, has now added an “explore the menu” link. The functionality is fairly obvious; it shows you the menu of the restaurant of you are looking at.

That’s not all it does, however. The menu is organized based on what items are hot within the Yelp community and what items are not. So, according to their official announcement, if you really can’t decide on what to eat, you can just base your decision on what other people like. JonnyBoy34 said the roasted mushrooms were to die for. Let’s hope he’s reliable.