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25 Ways to Use Yogurt

You and yogurt have had a long-standing healthy relationship. You know that it’s better for you than a bagel at breakfast, but sometimes it’s just so boring that you hit a wall and banish this practical, nutrient-rich breakfast from your life. You go wild, eating egg sandwiches from bodegas and pancakes from diners, which just leave you feeling ashamed and bloated. This is when yogurt starts looking really good again, all healthy and loaded with nutrients like potassium and probiotics that aid in digestion and strengthen your immune system. So you decide to give it another go with yogurt, and you say this time will be different. You just have to give yogurt the attention it deserves, take it out for lunch or dinner, and even dessert sometimes. Next thing you know, you’ll be showing off your yogurt at parties and get-togethers.

What you might not have realized is that your old standby, yogurt, has a slightly sour taste that lends itself beautifully to both sweet (like berries and fruit) and savory (garlic, lemons, cucumber) pairings, making it a real jack-of-all-trades and not just something to fill the void before lunch.

Get funky with fermented milk using these 25 ideas:

  1. Get to know yogurt on an intimate level and make your own Fresh Yogurt.
  2. Yogurt not your thing? Take that yogurt, strain it and you end up with Yogurt Cheese, a healthy swap-out for cream cheese.
  3. Whoever told you that creamy dressings were bad for you never tried Alton Brown’s Thousand Island Dressing made with yogurt and tomato sauce instead of mayo and ketchup.
  4. Strain the yogurt overnight for Chuck Hughes’ Steamed Carrot Cake with Honey Yogurt Frosting to reach the consistency of frosting. Don’t have any cheesecloth on hand? Use a paper coffee filter instead.
  5. Nadia G. calls for thick yogurt in her Frozen Yogurt Coconut Pops (pictured above). Use the same method from above to achieve the correct consistency.

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Super Food Nerds: How to Make Your Own Yogurt

Superfoodnerd Milder here, reporting this month on Project D.I.Y. Yogurt. Let me start by saying that I came to this with some trepidation, scarred by a personal history of sour milk and thin, lumpy yogurts of my own making. I had read the articles (“better than anything you can buy!”), seen the blog posts (“idiot proof!”), followed the recipes — and the recipes had failed me. I knew I was in for a fight on this one.

And quite a fight it was. My first few attempts were utter travesties of spilled, wasted and spoiled milk. I killed my starter culture; I ruined my curd; I scalded my hand; I threw out my back. I would have cried, were I anything less than a steely-eyed superfoodnerd. No, I picked myself up, straightened my pocket protector and set to work. It took considerable research and tinkering, but ultimately I did manage to break through to yogurt — really, really good, smile-across-your-face yogurt. For all its difficulties, this was a project with a big payoff.

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Birthday Breakfast, No Cake Needed

It seems like there’s a birthday every week in the Cooking Channel office. And with the amazing local bakeries plus some very talented employees, that can mean a lot of cake. So in honor of our latest birthday girl (and her upcoming trip to Greece), cake was swapped for yogurt and a birthday breakfast was held in the conference room.

Instead of peanut butter pies and yellow cake with vanilla frosting, we ate individual portions of Greek yogurt covered in fruity and crunchy toppings. Take these yogurt and topping combos and make your own breakfast bar at home or for a birthday. You may find you won’t miss the cake – this week, at least.

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